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Cold & Hot Rolled Square Perforated Metal Special Straight Line Silver Color

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Cold & Hot Rolled Square Perforated Metal Special Straight Line Silver Color

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Cold & Hot Rolled Square Perforated Metal Special Straight Line Silver Color


The Product Description:


Square perforated is a sheet or coil of material made from metal that contains holes punched by a die. The shape of the hole is determined by the shape of the die. For perforated with a square hole pattern, the die is square. The die's width can vary from approximately twice the thickness of the material being punched to over two inches.


Our square perforated metal is extremely versatile and lightweight and is ideal for several applications, including screens, diffusers, guards, filters, vents and more. We carry a diverse selection of staggered or straight row patterns in a wide variety of hole sizes, gauges and materials.

Square perforated metal is a sheet of material that contains holes punched by a square die. The diameter of the die can vary from approximately the same thickness of the material being punched to more than 6 inches.
Square Hole Perforated Materials:

Wannuo Wire Mesh offers square hole perforated sheet in the following materials:
> Carbon steel (cold & hot rolled)
> Type 304 stainless steel
> Aluminum
Square hole perforated metal mesh screen:

Perforated Size: From 3 mm. to 120 mm.
Sheet Thickness: From 0,5 mm to 5 mm. (depending on perforation).
Size: 2.000 mm. wide in sheets (depending on perforation).
1.500 mm. wide in roll (depending on perforation).
Other types of perforation on request.


Hole DiameterStaggered CentersSheet ThicknessOpen Area
1/4" Hex6.35mm Hex0.2850.027-0.0330.68-0.84mm0.76
3/8" Sq.9.52mm Sq.Cane0.053-0.066"1.35-1.68mm0.51




















Features of Square Perforated Metal:

• Lightweight
• Extremely versatile
• Economical
• Customizable
• Large open area
• Decorative
• Many patterns, materials and gauges
• Allows for passage of air, light, sound and liquids
• Provides security
Applications for Square Perforated Metal:

• Vents
• Screens
• Guards
• Diffusers
• Strainers
• Grilles


Flatness of Sheets & Plates:

In the majority of requirements, perforated sheets or plates can be furnished to AISI flatness tolerances. Before ordering any of the following special requirements, discuss then with our sales department:

  • Perforated sheets with extra wide margins.
  • Blank areas required within the perforated area.
  • Perforated sheets with very large percentage of open area.
  • Heavy gage metal in relation to the size of the perforation.
  • Special alloys.
  • Stretcher leveled sheets.


You Will Appreciate Our Customer-Focused Business Approach


What really sets WANNUO WIRE MESH apart from our competitors is our sincere commitment to providing the best possible service to every customer. We complete every project with remarkable speed — in fact, our turnaround times are among the fastest in our industry. Our dedicated team of engineers, salespeople and other professionals is always willing to do whatever it takes to provide the best result for our customers.




Contact us to receive more information and a no-obligation square hole perforated metal quote today. As a valued Wire Mesh customer, you can always count on us!


WANNUO WIRE MESH: Quality, Speed and Reliability.


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