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Mechanical Perforated Screen Panels , Hot Rolled Perforated SS Sheet Round Hole Heavy Duty

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Mechanical Perforated Screen Panels , Hot Rolled Perforated SS Sheet Round Hole Heavy Duty

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Mechanical Perforated Screen Panels , Hot Rolled Perforated SS Sheet Round Hole Heavy Duty


The Product Description:


Round perforated metal is a sheet of material that contains holes punched by a circular die. The diameter of the die can vary from approximately the same thickness of the material being punched to more than 6 inches.


Round hole perforated metal is the most popular pattern type because of its versatility and broad selection of gauges, diameters and material choices for customization. Round hole metal offers the ideal combination of affordability, ease-of-use and minimal maintenance requirements. No matter what kind of project you need perforated metal for, this pattern can be custom punched to fit your exact sizes and specifications.


Hot Rolled:


Commercial QualityA low cost steel with moderate forming and drawing qualities, for use where finish is unimportant


Drawing Quality


This quality is intended for uses where forming requirements are too severe for Commercial Quality.


High Strength, Low Alloy


Good formability because of low carbon content in combination with relatively high yield and tensile properties permit these steels to be used in lighter gauges to reduce weight in applications where strength is important. Readily weldable.


Abrasion Resisting


High manganese content in combination with intermediate carbon greatly enhances resistance to abrasion. Can improve part life 2 to 10 times. Moderate formability.




MaterialMild carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Hole size0.027" – 1.0".
Hole centres0.05" – 1.25".
Hole patternStaggered and straight row
Sheet width24" – 60".
Sheet length24" – 144"
Open area5% – 63%
Margin typesSafe margins or no-margins.
Thickness14gauge – 22 gauge
SKU typePanel and coil
Surface treatmentElectric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated, and oxidation treatment.


Commonly used specifications:


Hole dia




Open areaThickness
7.0010.0044%  ******
8.0015.0026%  ******
10.0013.0054%  ******
10.0015.0040%  ******
10.0018.0028%  ******
12.0016.0051%  ******
20.0025.0058%  ******
20.0030.0040%  ******



Why are perforated metal round hole patterns chosen more often than square or slotted holes? Because they offer the best combination of ease of manufacturing, low maintenance and affordability. You also get the broadest selection of gauges, diameters, sheet size options and material choices, making it easier to get the ideal product for your needs. Round hole perforated metal also lasts longer than the other types, making it the most cost-effective alternative in the long run.




Round hole metal products can be used for numerous functional and decorative purposes, including:

> Separating ore or rock in mining applications

> Security in windows, gates and doors

> Air filtration for electronic equipment

> Grinding spices, seeds and other food products

> Noise reduction in large engines

> Enhancing the appearance of retail store displays

> Household products such as patio furniture and appliances

>  Various types of screens and vents 


WANNUO WIRE MESH: Quality. Speed. Reliability.


ANPING WANNUO WIRE MESH Can Serve as Your Single-Source Perforated Round Hole Metal Supplier,offers round hole perforated metal in standard 60-degree staggered, 45-degree staggered and straight-line patterns. With a staggered option, the direction of the stagger typically coincides with the short dimension of the metal sheet, while a straight-line hole pattern is usually parallel to the long dimension.


You can find round hole perforated metal sheets made from a wide assortment of top-quality materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel 304, galvanized metal and aluminum.


If a 60- or 45-degree or straight-line perforation pattern doesn’t quite fit your specialized application, just let us know! Our facility includes a fully equipped in-house fabrication department that can create everything from a simple to a more complex customized product of the highest quality.

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