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Fat Burning SARMs Steroid AICAR Acadesine for Muscle Endurance AMPK Activator

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Fat Burning SARMs Steroid AICAR Acadesine for Muscle Endurance AMPK Activator

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Fat Burning SARMs Steroid AICAR Acadesine for Muscle Endurance AMPK Activator


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AICAR/Acadesine Quick Details


Product nameAcadesine
Molecular FormulaC9H14N4O5
Molecular Weight258.23
ApperanceWhite or off-white powder
Brand nameShenzhen Sendi

Pharmaceutical intermediates. For the treatment of cardiovascular diseases



What is AICAR ?


AICAR is a cell permeable activator of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a metabolic major regulator that is activated when energy availability is reduced (high cell AMP: ATP ratio) and is used to inhibit the metabolic process. In vivo, AMPK and AICAR pharmacological activation simulates movement and triggers skeletal muscle independent of insulin glucose uptake.



AICAR/Acadesine Application


lose weight


AICAR is a peptide that is a generation of inosine in the intermediate, and metabolic regulation is directly related. The most important mechanism known to AICAR is its ability to block enzymes at both intracellular and extracellular levels, which in turn allows accelerated stimulation of glucose uptake and increased protein kinase in skeletal muscle tissue. These two functions allow more energy conversion, which helps to burn fat and maintain the output of the activity. Scientists and athletes / bodybuilders are interested in this.



AMP activates protein kinase


The main mechanism of AICAR is to activate AMPK (AMP activates protein kinase). Thus, activating AMPK can make the same cellular mechanism, which can be said to be open, as cells are consumed by energy, such as strong or low calorie intake.

AICAR uses metabolic pathways to block certain enzymes, which allows AMP to activate protein kinases. This can be explained by layman: Once you have eaten a lot of AICAR, it will deceive your body at the cellular level and think that this exercise has just been completed. Since the body considers that a considerable amount of exercise has been carried out, the cell energy cycle begins to transform the fuel source, such as fatty acids, to output the energy that is considered to be consumed in motion. This can directly affect the level of endurance activity and the sustainability of the activity. Insulin sensitivity is also considered a behavior of AICAR, because the body will think that it is only experienced a series of exercises.



Prevent ischemic injury


AICAR has been shown to prevent ischemic injury. This type of injury is directly related to the limits of blood on the tissue, which may result in the lack of oxygen and glucose required to maintain tissue vitality. This can lead to thrombosis, embolism and vasoconstriction. AICAR can be used as a stable peptide for ischemic seizures and can cause appropriate blood flow to the heart (heart). This feature is very interesting because AICAR can be used fundamentally for the treatment of heart muscle heart attacks. This may reduce the likelihood of ischemic injury. In animal studies using peptide AICAR, abnormal growth in cardiac tissue and heart valve function has also changed, which is disadvantageous.



AICAR/Acadesine COA


AppearanceWhite powderComplies
Related substance (HPLC)Total impurity ≤0.5%
Max single impurity ≤0.1%
Sieve analysis100% pass 80 meshComplies
Loss on Drying
Residue on Ignition
Heavy Metal<10ppmComplies
Residual Solvents<100ppmComplies
Residual PesticideNegativeComplies
Total Plate Count<1000cfu/gComplies
Yeast & Mold<100cfu/gComplies





AICAR/Acadesine Function:


AICAR is an adenosine analog that selectively activates AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). AMPK regulates lipid and glucose metabolism to maintain cellular energy homeostasis (Hardie and Carling).


AICAR can play a hand in boosting these processes because it contains the ability to penetrate cardiac cells and block the production of enzymes tied to regulating glucose intake and energy expulsion. With these regulatory enzymes inhibited, the affected cells can in turn boost the amount of glucose that can be received, and it can also increase its level of energy conversion. Additionally, the peptide’s presence has been determined to aid in lowering programmed cell death, a process that is also known as apoptosis.



AICAR/Acadesine Dosage:


New users:25mg/day


Advanced users: those who had already experienced with steroids, peptides or HGH:50mg/day

Competitors and Professionals:75mg/day,divide the injections during the day



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