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USP37 Standard Pharmaceutical Raw Material Frusemide Lasix Powder For Diuretics

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USP37 Standard Pharmaceutical Raw Material Frusemide Lasix Powder For Diuretics

Country/Region china
Categories Dental Equipment

Product Details

USP37 Standard Pharmaceutical Raw Material Frusemide Lasix Powder For Diuretics

Frusemide Quick Details

Product NameFurosemide
GradePharmaceutical Grade
Appearancewhite Crystalline powder
Brand NmaeHKYC
StockMass Stock
Packing Methodsfoil bag or as your mind
Delivery timewithin 18 hours after payment confirmed
PaymentT/T, Western Union,Money Gram , Bitcoin
UsageLasix furosemide is used to treat fluid retention (edema)

Furosemide Decrption


Lasix (furosemide) is a loop diuretic (water pill) that prevents your body from absorbing too much salt. This allows the salt to instead be passed in your urine.

Lasix is used to treat fluid retention (edema) in people with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or a kidney disorder such as nephrotic syndrome. Lasix is also used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension)


Furosemide Application

Lasix can interfer the process of concentration and dilution of urine, and it can increase urine output.


Lasix can promote the excretion of sodium, chloride and potassium and affect the formation of renal medullary high osmotic pressure;

Clinically Lasix / Frusemid is used for the treatment of cardiac edema, renal edema, cirrhosis ascitic fluid, peripheral edema caused by dysfunction or vascular disorders, and it may contribute to an upper urinary tract stones excretion.


Lasix / Frusemide can increase renal blood flow, and adjust renal blood flow distribution, and reduce blood flow so that the cortex surface blood flow increases.


Lasix / Frusemid promotes diuresis, its effect is fast and strong, it is used for other diuretics invalid cases.


Furosemide Specification


Product name 


CAS No. 


Outer Packing 


Production date 

JUNE 2017

Shelf life 


Standard adopted 


Items of analysisSpecificationResults



a white or almost white crystalline powder


almost white crystallilne powder




practically insoluble in water and methylene chloride,soluble in acetone,sparingly soluble in ethanol(96%),slightly soluble in ether,it dissolves in dilute solution of alkali hydroxide.








ultra violate and visible absorption spectrophotometer

(ratio 0.52 to 0.57)






the infrared absorption spectrum of the sample should be concordant with the spectrum of Furosemide WS




C.By color test


formation a red to red-violet color should be produced


red-violet color formation


appearance of solution


the solution is clear and not more intensely colors than reference soluiton BY5




residue on ignition


NMT 0.10% w/w


0.06 w/w


heavy metals


NMT 20 ppm


less than 20 ppm




NMT 200ppm


less than 200ppm




NMT 300 ppm


less than 300ppm


loss on drying(hot air oven at 105 ℃ for 3 hrs)


NMT 0.50%w/w




related substances by HPLC


Impurity C


NMT 0.20%




Impurity D


NMT 0.15%




Any individual impurity


NMT 0.10%




Total impurity


NMT 0.50%






98-101%on dry basis



ConclusionQualified to USP37 Standard




You may want to know First :


1. Available: steroid powder, semi-finished oil, sarms, peptides pain killers etc. And all kinds of machines for  steroids processing.


2. Parcel : Designed Discreet packing according to different countries and quantity.


3. Pass Custom Rate: more than 99%.


4. Reship Policy: we do reship once free (no country limitation) if the parcel be seized. Pls contatc whatsapp +8618872220826.

5. Delivery Methods: EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex, China/Hongkong/ Singapore/Sweden/Holland Post Mail. All with tracking code. Usual delivery time is 4-7 workdays.

6.Delivery Time: US :3-5 days, UK: 4-7 days, Canada: 3-7 days, Europe: 6-10 days


Packaging & Service:

1. Mass stock, to make sure delivery promptly every day when the payment is done.
2. Having been engaged in this field for years, we have sophisticated and professional logistics department, which can guarantee safe and speedy delivery.
3. Well-trained and disciplined packing team which is professional enough to provide you a safe package. It also avoid a lot of emergency happen during the delivery so that high customs pass is guaranteed. Unique ways to ship 10grams to 25 kilograms powders(or 100ml to 30 Liter liquids) at one time to your destination.
4. Packing pictures and tacking code are provided within 24 hours as soon as receiving the payment. Updated tracking code will be provided every other day just for you can hold a palm of your package.
5. Perfect after-sale service: Any questions or problems happened after receiving the product.



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