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China Supplier Calibrated Customized Size Water Salt Spray Chamber

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Salt Spray Test Chamber
Salt spray test chamber is applied to measure the reliability of the EUT against salt-spray corrosion. Salt spray chamber is to simulate the climate near the sea, there are two kinds of test according to different standards (JIS, ASTM, CNS, GB), neutral salt mist (NSS) and acidy salt spray test (CASS). This equipment can meet the requirements of the both.
Principle: Absorb the salt water by Bernoulli principle, and the salt water will be atomized by nozzle symmetrically, no block, no crystallize. The heater in the chamber keep the temperature.
Structure and material:
1) The chamber adopts PVC board, the thickness is 5mm, can bear 80℃.
2) The transparent lid is made by Acrylic board, the thickness is 6mm.
3) The saturated air barrel is made by SUS#304 stainless steel.
4) The test rack can be freely to adjust the angle.
Protection Device:
1) Power off @ low water
2) Power off @ over heat
3) With alarming indicator
● Temperature requirement:
Lab:35~50℃ (NSS@35℃, CASS@50℃)
Air barrel: 47~63℃ (NSS@47℃, CASS@63℃)
● Accuracy
Resolution accuracy: ±0.1℃
Control accuracy: ±0.1℃
Distribution Accuracy: ±2.0℃

Interior size(W*D*H)1200*800*500(mm)900*600*500(mm)600*450*400(mm)
Exterior size((W*D*H)1700*950*1210(mm)1380*800*1150(mm)1070*580*1030(mm)
Power (single phase)220V, 3KW, 50Hz220V, 1.5KW, 50Hz220V, 1.5KW, 50Hz
AccessoriesV rack, nozzle, spray tower, NACL (2 bottles) and etc.


L sharp test rack4 pieces
Standard measuring cylinder1 piece
Temperature pointer2 pieces
V Sharp test rack6 pieces
Collector 80cm1 piece
Glass nozzle1 piece
NACL 500g2 bottle
Power cable 2.5m1 piece


Relative Environment Test Chamber
IPX5/6 Jet Nozzle/Hose Nozzle
Jet Nozzle is designed according to the requirements of IPX5 and IPX6 code of GB4208 and IEC60529 standard. It’s used to test the waterproof performance of the appliance and electronics.

Nozzle Hole Diameter6.3mm12.5mm
Water Discharge12.5L±0.625L/min100±5L/min
Nozzle distance between shell2.5-3m
Test TimeMore than 1min/m2 and 3mins
Pressure Gauge0~0.25Mpa

Simulation Transport Vibrostand (PG-120)
Simulation transport vibrostand is applied to test the anti viberation ability in transit, and it is widely used in the industries of electronics, motor, lighting fixture, package, toy and etc. This equipment can do the low frequency vibration test, vibration resistance test and reliability test to evaluate the products’ quality. Completely meet the requirements of IEC60068-2-6.
● Vibration table: 1100*1200mm
● Vibration mode: back and forth
● Load capacity: 100KG
● Amplitude: 25.4mm
● Oscillation: sine-wave,half-sine-wave
● Power: 1.5KW, 220V±10%, 15A
● Accuracy of frequency: 0.01Hz
● Time: 0~99H99M99S

High-low temperature and humidity chamber

  • Introduction:

High-low temperature and humidity chamber is a kind of environment test chamber, designed according to IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2 and IEC60068-2-3. It can accurately simulate the conditions of low temperature, high temperature, low temperature & humidity and high temperature & humidity. It is applied to the industries of electronic, battery, plastic, food, paper, car, LED lamps and so on.
2. Specification:

Working dimension(cm)40*40*5050*40*6050*50*6060*50*7580*60*85100*80*100100*100*100
Interior dimension(cm)100*87*170105*87*175105*97*175115*97*190135*115*195145*130*210147*140*210
Temperature range0~+150℃ -20℃~+150℃ -40℃~+150℃ -60℃~+150℃
Humidity range20%~98% R.H.
Accuracy:Temperature: ±0.01℃; humidity: ±0.1% R.H.
Temperature rise speed2℃-4℃/min
Temperature down speed0.7℃-1℃/min
Humidity fluctuation:±2.0%R.H.
SensorPt 100 resistor
Cooling systemTaikang compressor
Protection deviceOver-heat, over load, leakage, short circuit and etc.
ConfigurationΦ50 test hole (1 piece), sample shelf (2 pieces), glass view window, floodlight
Power supply380V±10%, 50Hz,3P+N+G
Power consumption3KW4.5KW5KW5.5KW7.5KW8KW10KW

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