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Peek For The Manufacture Of Insulating Ring

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Peek For The Manufacture Of Insulating Ring

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Peek For The Manufacture Of Insulating Ring

PEEK Features Benefits Temperature Wear hydrolysis corrosion self-lubricating

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PEEK Features Benefits

self-lubricatinglightweightresistance to radiationHigh Purity

PEEK in the aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industry has been very popular applications, such as gas analyzers on the satellite structure, heat exchanger scraper; Because of their superior friction properties, ideal for applications in friction materials, such as sets tube bearings, plain bearings, valve seats, seals, pump wear ring.
1: Mechanical properties of PEEK are both toughness and rigidity and balance of plastics. Particularly its excellent resistance to alternating stress fatigue is the most outstanding of all plastics, can be comparable with the alloy material.
2: Self -lubricating PEEK has outstanding sliding properties in all plastic, suitable for demanding low coefficient of friction and abrasion purposes. Especially carbon fiber, graphite certain percentage of each hybrid modified PEEK better self-lubricating properties.
3: Chemical resistance ( corrosion ) PEEK has excellent chemical resistance in the usual chemicals that can dissolve or destroy it only concentrated sulfuric acid, and its resistance to corrosion and nickel steel similar.
4: Flame retardant polymer PEEK is very stable, 1.45mm thick samples, without any flame retardant can achieve the highest standards.
5: Peeling resistance PEEK excellent peeling resistance, it can be made of wire or coated with a thin wire, and can be used in harsh conditions.
6: Fatigue resistance PEEK has the best resistance to fatigue in all resin.
7: Radiation resistance capability is strong resistance to high radiation over the best general-purpose polystyrene resins radiation resistance. You can still maintain Radiation dose made up 1100Mrad good insulating ability when high performance wire.
8: Hydrolysis resistance PEEK and its composites from chemical effects of water and high-pressure steam, products made of this material for use in high temperature and high pressure water continuously can still maintain excellent properties.

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