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Unique Double Four Spray Bar Cleaning System smt stencil cleaner with 2PCS 50L Tanks

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Unique Double Four Spray Bar Cleaning System smt stencil cleaner with 2PCS 50L Tanks

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Rubber Product Making Machinery Parts

Product Details


Unique Double Four Spray Bar Cleaning System smt stencil cleaner with 2PCS 50L Tanks Machine description:


CW-800 Is a "water-based cleaning fluid cleaning SMT steel mesh" cleaning process designed for the third generation of steel mesh cleaning machine

Automatic completion of cleaning, rinsing, drying process.(Using a unique double four spray bar cleaning, rinse design, double four wind knife wind cut dry design, rinse with online filtering, to ensure cleanliness)

Used in: SMT stencil, copper mesh, plastic mesh, resin net, plastic fixture, PCB misprinting board and a small amount of PCBA cleaning, can effectively clean the surface after printing and the hole wall residual solder paste, red plastic and other pollutants


Machine Feature:

  1. High quality electrical pump. High pressure wash, resin, dry process.
  2. Total SUS 304 structure, resist acid and alkali corrosion, strong, more than 10 years life time.
  3. One key operation, wash, resin and dry process complete automatically according to pre-setting procedure.
  4. Can clean SMT stencil, sikkscreen, print jig, squeegee, big PCBA, misprint PCB
  5. Completey closed spray developing process, make cleaning workshop clean and dry
  6. Super electrical and pneumatic parts from Germany, USA and Japan to ensure stability and high quality of machine.
  7. Modular design, easy maintenance
  8. Touch panel interface, quick cleaning parameters setting: chemical temperature/wash time, resin time/temperature, and dry time/temperature etc.


Machine Specification:


Max stencial size800*750*40(mm)
Chemical tank50*2pcs
Wash time2-5min
Resin time2-5min
Dry time3-5min
Resin cycle1-99
Clean ChemicalWater-based chemicals
Resin DI waterOpen lope DI water or close loop chemial spray
Dry modeHot air dry
Liquid heat temp.0-60℃
Dry temp.0-90℃
Wash heat power9KW
Resin heat power9KW
Hot air power6KW
Clean/resin filter0.45um
Power Suppy380V, 33KW
Machine size1580*1180*1860mm




Washing schematic:


Cleaning process:


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