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Double Sided Heavy Copper PCB Immersion Tin Fr4 LED Light PCB Circuit Board

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Double Sided Heavy Copper PCB Immersion Tin Fr4 LED Light PCB Circuit Board

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City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Product Details


Double-Sided Immersion Tin Fr4 LED Light PCB Circuit Board


The 2 layers Double-Sided Immersion Tin Fr4 LED Light PCB is made FR4 raw material with finish board thickness of 1.6 mm. And it is total specification is 30 * 281 mm, with green solder mask and immersion tin surface finish.


        What We Can Do for You?
With over 18 years experience, we offer OEM & ODM PCB Layout, PCB Design, PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly in single-sided PCB Board, double-sided PCB and Multilayer Printed Circuit Board service to our customers, with total production capacity of 290,000 sqm/month.

         How to get quick quotation?


        Step 1    Please send us Gerber file with these format: .CAD / .Gerber / .PCB / .DXP / .P-CAD, etc
        Step 2    Also please provide us the below details for quick quotation:

                Board material: Fr - 4 / CEM - 1 / CEM - 3 / 22F / Fr - 1 / others

                Material brand: SY / KB / Rogers  (optional)
                Material Specification:High Tg / copper based / aluminum based or others (optional)
                Board thickness: 0.1 - 6.0 mm
                Copper thickness: 0.05 Oz - 8 Oz ( 17 um - 288 um )
                Surface Treatment: OSP / ENIG / HASL / Lead Free HASL / Immersion Tin / Immersion Sin
                Color of solder mask and silk print: Green / red / blue / black / white / yellow ,etc
                Board size and quantity

If you don't have Gerber file, please provide us the imfomation as step 2 or post your PCB Board to us for clone.


Board Basic Info - SAMPLE

                       Board material

Fr - 4

                       Material brand


                       Material Specification

Tg 170

                       Board thickness

1.6 mm

                       Copper thickness

1 Oz

                       Surface Treatment


                       Solder mask / sSilk print

Green / White

                       Board size

100 mm * 100 mm



         How to guarantee our high quality products?

-- We employ 70 professional engineers to ensure our high quality products.

Electronic Eng.13
R&D Eng.15
PE Eng.10
CAM Eng.26
MI Eng.6


Now send us your inquiry, and you will be replied within 8 hours!







Size and quantity of the PCB hole

The PCB cost of the hold drilling is mainly depended on the hole diameter, drilling speed and error value. In the process of the PCB Board hole drilling, it will take a higher cost when the hole is smaller. And we suggest the hole size should be no less than 0.3mm.In addition, as for the aperture ratio, our suggestion is between 1/6 to 1/5. Because the PCB hole will be damage if the aperture ratio less than 1/8, which will increase the scrap rate. In the meanwhile, the more drilling hole in the PCBs, the higher cost will be taken place.

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