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Customized Hotel Acoustic Room Dividers With Ceiling Track Heat Insulation

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Customized Hotel Acoustic Room Dividers With Ceiling Track Heat Insulation

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Product Details

Customized hotel soundproof acoustic room dividers with ceiling track


Acoustic room divider is also called movable acoustic wall. It can separate the space into several small spaces or turn several small spaces into big space according to your different need. Morever, it’s flexible sliding combination bring you a special experience.


1. Seven characters and functions:

(1) hang track on the ceiling, not the floor;

(2) heat insulation and fireproof

(3) stable and safe

(4) energy-efficientcy

(5) elegant appearance

(6) collection convenient

(7) widely used in different places


2. Usage:

Type 65 is suitable to use at 2m-3.5m height space.

Type 85 is suitable to use at 2m-6m height space.

Type 100 is suitable to use at 3m-9m height space.


3. Each panel load-bearing weight: 225kgs/ 450kgs/ 650kgs


4. Sound insulation coefficient:

Type 65 highest sound insulation coefficient can be reach is 36db.

Type 85 the highest sound insulation coefficient can be reach is 50db.

Type 100 the highest sound insulation coefficient can be reach is 53db.


5. Application: Gymnasium, huge meeting rooms, auditorium, conference center, multifunction room, hotels, banquet hall, exhibitions halls, office etc.

TypeFrame materialRetractable range of top/bottomPartition Dimension(mm)basic board
Width (Min/Max)Height (Min/Max)Thickness
65Aluminium22.5mm500~12302000~420065MDF board melamine board hard/soft fabric finish hard/soft leather finish acoustic board



1.Hanging on ceilingThe floor without a track, just put the rail mounted on the ceiling
2.Excellent QualityEach pieces of partition can turn around 360 degree.
3.Stable and secureAfter partition is stable and reliable, and is not easy to swing
4.Energy efficientThe large space divided into a small space, in order to reduce air conditioning power consumption;
5.Heatproof&fireproofGood heat insulation performance,Adopt effective fire prevention materials
6.Elegant appearanceSurface any adornment, can unite with indoor adornment effect
7.Easy to collectCan be hidden in the special coffer, does not affect the overall appearance
8.Various applicationsHotels,exhubition halls,restaurants,multi-functional rooms etc.




Melamine laminated finish is available in dozens of modern colors, which is durable and easy to clean. Another popular finish for sound proof wooden partition wall is fabric with soft foam inside.


All sound proof wooden partition walls systems are available in infinite width openings on straight or curved tracks. Special cross, ‘T’ and ‘L’ junctions can also be supplied. Access door is available.

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