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Economic Parking Barrier Gate With DC Motor for Entrance and Exit Security Parking System

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Economic Parking Barrier Gate With DC Motor for Entrance and Exit Security Parking System

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Product Details

Economic Parking Barrier Gate With DC Motor for Entrance and Exit Security Parking System


Quick data


Open/close time1, 1.8, 3, 6sec. optional
Octagonal ArmMax. 6mtr. ;45×100mm Aluminum alloy
Power SupplyAC 220V±10%,50/60HZ
AC Motor70W concreted decelerating torque motor
ControllerARM 32 Cortex™-M3 CPU variable frequency board
Remote distance20~50mtr.


Barrier Gate Controller



MX Controller  
Voltage(±10%)100-240 volt100-240 volt
Max Power Consumption(watt)88
Control Voltage24VDC/max. 3000mA24VDC/max. 3000mA
Input-end Number88
Open Collector Output Number22
Zero Level Reversal Relay Number33
Operating Temperature Range ℃-45℃~+85℃-45℃~+85℃
Protection System(IP)2020


















Advanced Functions


1: Power failure automatic gate, no clutch design,Incoming call automatic reset, restore to close state. If you have special need that manual intervention, it can be set up easily, you can gently rotate poles to manual Open / close boom without open the housing by using adjust the control board

2: A variety of input and output modes can be selected, often open and close can be selected.

3: Rod angle can be adjusted from 55~90 degrees, 10 degree resolution.

4: Speed can be adjusted, 0.9s to 6s

5: All kinds of state signal output.

6: Barrier gate running state OK signal output.

7: Alarm signal output.

8: Traffic lights signal relay output.

9: External Vehicle detection signal, infrared sensor signal.

10: AC90V~AC264V50/60Hz, the global universal voltage standard. Also available

24V battery power supply.(No mains place to pick up solar energy,wind energy to recharge battery)

11: The Opening time is less than 0.9s.

12: The running noise is less than 60dB.

13: Standard boom length 3m.

14: Power consumption: 50W, maximum power 100W.

15: It is also a simple matter to change the handing on-site from right-Hand to left-Hand.

16: Automatically detect whether the balance spring fatigue or damage, if the spring

fatigue tips to adjust, if you can not adjust the spring, replace the spring is very easy,

no need to use tools, hand can be replaced.

17: Remote control open / close and car park system control open / close, separate

input, respectively, the number of corresponding statistics.

18: The RS232 or RS485 connected to PC of the parking system.



Payment Terms


1. T/T


2. Paypal


3. Western Union



After-sale service


1. Two year’s free servicing is supplied (not including the arm and remote controller). In the condition

of complying with the operating instruction, without the unauthorized maintenance of the parts and the

machine have no obvious mechanical damage, we will provide a quality assurance for the barrier gate

product from the date of use for a period of two years or from the date of shipment up to three years

including all mechanical and electronic components other than special consumables.

2. Lifetime charged servicing is offered.

3. Technology servicing is supplied.

* The following situations are charged for servicing (or replacement):

1. Broken by wrong installation;

2. Broken by improper voltage;

3. The surfaces of the system destroyed by wrong installation or use.

4. Broken by natural disaster.

5. Overdue.

6. Servicing items out of the promises.




Q1: What’s your MOQ?
A1: MOQ 1 pc.
Q2: How about bout lead time and delivery?
A2: 2-7 days lead time. We can send by any kind of shipping methods.
Q3: Can you do OEM?
A3: Yes, we do OEM, and can customize barrier gate case, color, logo or controller for you.
Q4: What about quality warranty and after-sale service?
A4: Life time warranty for motor, 2 years warranty for the rest parts except arm and remote. We support
customer's any quality issues, and our enterprise principle is to build long term after-sale service for all customers.

Q5: Can you provide barrier gate installation instruction?
A5: Online/remote instruction can be provided by the technicians if need. Others depend on your detailed requirement.


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