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Excellent Glossy Paint Flattening Agent For Epoxy Polyester Powder Coatings

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Excellent Glossy Paint Flattening Agent For Epoxy Polyester Powder Coatings

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Categories Other Organic Chemicals

Product Details

Excellent Smooth Glossy And Good Flowout Finishes Matt Hardener Used For Epoxy Polyester Powder Coatings





It  is a thermosetting powder coating based on epoxy polyester resin with excellent smooth glossy and good flowout finishes. Its outstanding overbake yellowing resistance and mechanical properties make it a wide range of indoor applications,e.g.domestic appliances, home and office furniture,light fixtures, shelvings, machinery, ceiling panels, switchboards etc. Texture finish is also available.


The raw materials of Powder coating are resins, pigments, fillers, harderner ect. Compared with lyquid paint, powder coating is environmental friendly and can reduce costs. Powder coating can form a harder finish than conventional paint and can be applied more efficient. While it also has disadvantages, it is not good for large amd heat-sensitive objects. Usually the thickness of film by powder coating is >30 μm.


Technic Data:


· Specific gravity: 1.25-1.75 ( depend on colors)

· Particle size distribution(Laser Particle size analyser): Less than 5% above 100μm;50-65% above 32 μm

· Average particle size:35-45 μm

· Curing Schedule: 180-200°C 5-10minutes

· Optimal film thickness: 60-80μm

· 8-12 square meters/kg, thickness 60μm(100% of utilization rate)


The data above is rough and for reference only, please contact me for more accurate data when you have clear demands.




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