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SS Housing Ozone Generator Water Purification In Sewage Water Treatment 10g - 60g

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SS Housing Ozone Generator Water Purification In Sewage Water Treatment 10g - 60g

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Product Details

Drinking Water Ozonator Machine / Distilled Water Treatment Ozone Equipment 40g




Quick details


Brand Name: Netech

Model Number: NT-WZQ

Oxygen output: 10g/20g/30g/40g/50g/60g

Certification: domestic patent

Core parts:enamel ozone tube

* It must connect with outside oxygen generator or oxygen tank



1. SS housing /carbon steel sprayed with plastic housing

2. It must connect with outside oxygen generator or oxygen tank

3. Built-in water cooling enamel ozone tube, high frequency electric board, with stable ozone capacity, long life time

4. Adjustable ozone range: 20%--100%

5. Use with over current, over voltage, water protection device, for ensuring ozone machine running safety



Oxygen flow rateLPM1~32~73~105~108~188~20
Ozone concentrationMg/L69~8852~10456~9385~11660~9060-70
Ozone outputG/Hr5~1212~2216~3334~5143~6472-84
Cooling water flow rateLPM304848



1. Above ozone capacity were tested under oxygen source

2. This model need to connect with outside oxygen generator or oxygen tank

3. Net weight will be 10% different for different plug.


Main function of ozone:


1. Food purification; To decompose the residual chemical fertilizer, pesticides and other toxic substances in fruits, vegetables and foodstuff; Remove the antibiotics, chemical additives, hormones and other harmful substances in the meat, eggs, kill Halophilic bacteria in the seafood;

2. Drinking water purification: The tap water after ozone treating is a kind of high quality drinking water; Injecting ozone gas in every 1 liter tap water for 2 minutes, can to remove the residual chlorine, taste and heavy metals in water, and up to the level of sterilization and disinfection. To prevent the formation of trichloromethane (CHCl3), increase the oxygen content in the water to be the ideal of pure drinking water.

3. Disinfection and Sterilization for dining utensils; Put the washed dining utensils into the ozonated water for 20 minutes to remove residual detergent. To kill Bacteria and virus to instead of the normal disinfection cabinet; avoiding the utensils of infectious diseases, also be used for disinfection for clothing, towels, rags and socks.

4. Air purification: Hang the ozone exhaust pipe 1.7 meters above, keeping the ozone emission 20--30 minutes to remove indoor smoke and dust, decoration odour. Increase the oxygen content in the air, clean air. Let you enjoy the fresh at home like the air after the rain in forest (applied family, office, conference rooms, entertainment and others public place for smoke or dust or taste removal and disinfection).



Why choosing us?


1. Having 10 years production experienced .We are trusty business partner.

2. Quality Controlled: Quality Control personnel check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.

3. NT-WZQ Production Capacity: 1000 pcs per month.

4. We have serial products: ozone tube , UV water sterilizers, ozone generators, oxygen concentrators, protein skimmers, and filters, mixing pumps and other water or air treatment spare parts.


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