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UV Mixing tower Ozone Generator Water Purification For Swimming Pool / UV O3 Disinfection system

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UV Mixing tower Ozone Generator Water Purification For Swimming Pool / UV O3 Disinfection system

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UV Mixing tower For Swimming Pool / UV-O3 Disinfection system




We use iodide, Chloride or liquid Chlorine for swimming pool treatment for a long time. Till the development of ozone technology of 20th century, have made ozone enter the field of water treatment, and more and more show its superiority. But there are still some problems in operation:

  1. Because thinking about the cost of ozone generator & mixing reaction tower, many users do not choose it.
  2. It is few kind of Gas-liquid mixing device, and low mixing efficiency, about 40-70% ozone can not be mixed in water. So for better efficiency, the suppliers should increase ozone output which will increase the cost.
  3. Hard to ensure the quality of mixing device, reaction tower and other components if buy them separately.


For several years researching, now we use UV & Ozone together for improving ozone dissolution ratio. UV-O3 Disinfection system combined with ozone and ultraviolet.


  1. Theory evidence:

Scientists have discovered that added UV in ozone disinfection system can stimulate activity of ozone, and catalyze ozone & water molecules to create plenty of hydroxyl radical (OHˉ). OHˉ is active material which was produced by reaction of ozone with water.

The oxidizing ability of OHˉ is 100 times higher than hypochlorite (OCIˉ).

The sterilization ability of OHˉ is 3000 times higher than hypochlorite (OCIˉ).

The sterilization ability with UV & Ozone is 1-2 times higher than use ozone individual.


  1. UV-O3 Disinfection system used for pool water
  • UV-O3 system has the strongest ability of sterilization and inactivated virus, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Experiment proof that inactivation of fecal Escherichia coli requires only 5 seconds, if want to achieve the same affection with the same concentration of chlorine required 15,000 seconds. Some of the pathogenic bacteria are resistant to chlorine, such as virus, Amoebae, Cysts etc. But all of them can be killed by OHˉ.
  • UV-O3 system has strong oxidizing ability. It can prevent the special odor compounds accumulated in swimming poor water, including chlorinated organics what is reacted by Chlorine with excretion, for example, mono chloro amine, dichloramine, trichloramine, THM, chloriduria etc. Most of them are precursors of THM. But ozone can constantly prevent generation of precursors in swimming pool, to supply clear water, fresh air for swimmer, and without stimulation to their eyelids and nose strip.
  • UV-O3 system also can help sand filtration to removal of metallic salts and organics. Because the organics will easily become multi-polar compounds during oxidation process, and can combine with a number of multivalent metallic cations (eg. Ca, Mg, Fe, Al etc) into the complex compounds. And become micro-flocculate were removed by sand filtration last.


3. System Structure

① Use booster pump, injector and reaction tower for ozone mixing in water, then water return to pool. Because the irradiation of UV has greatly increased generate of OHˉ. OHˉ speeds up the oxidation and sterilization efficiency for water.+

② UV-O3 system, because it using UV, it not only have an excellent effects of sterilization & oxidation under low ozone output working condition, but also can avoid risk of high ozone concentration in swimming pool (eg. >0.15 Mg/L). With using UV for small size of reaction tower, there is no need to use activated carbon for ozone destructor which can save much cost.

  • UV-O3 can reduce the dosage of Chlorine. If the efficiency can match with requirements of sterilization and oxidation, the amount of Chlorine could be further decreased, combined Chlorine, free Chlorine can be respective lower than 0.2 mg/L, 0.4 mg/L in water. The Chloramines and THM have been substantially reduced to a certain extent. It will be the important part for meet with the requirements of environmental protection.
  • In UV-O3 system, OHˉ has strong oxygenolysis ability for organic pollutants. The production of OHˉ and its reaction with organic pollutant only can be carried out under UV.
  • Using UV-O3 system can save ≧40% cost than use ozone only.

4. Benefits Summary Of NT-UV System

▲ High efficient control of microorganism

▲ Significantly reduce the contents of chloramines, THM and free Chlorine in pool water

▲ High water transparency, good water quality

▲ Fresh air indoor, avoid the trouble of using with ozone destructor

▲ Reduce the stimulation to eyes and skin

▲ Better solved the problem of human excreta

▲ Small in size, easy to operate and maintain




Water contentM33050-80150-220300-400500-600
Required Ozone outputG/Hr51020-305080




Quality control


Every procedure has personnel inspection.
All the products must be tested and qualified before packaging.

Why choosing us?


1.Having 10 years production experienced .We are trusty business partner.

2.Quality Controlled:Quality Control personnel check the quality at every

stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.

3.NT-UV Production Capacity: 1000 pcs per month.

4.We have serial products: ozone tube ,UV water sterilizers, ozone generators,

oxygen concentrators, protein skimmers, and filters, mixing pumps and other water

or air treatment spare parts.

5.We supply OEM service according to customers' requests and give out

professional suggestions.


Distributors Offer : Welcome to be our distributor .

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