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Heavy Duty Single Girder Overhead Cranes / Bridge Cranes for Paper Mills

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Heavy Duty Single Girder Overhead Cranes / Bridge Cranes for Paper Mills

City & Province hangzhou zhejiang
Categories Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Product Details

Heavy Duty Single Girder Overhead Bridge Cranes for Paper Mills


LDX European Design Heavy duty Overhead  cranes provide solutions for materials handling tasks even when production units or warehouses are comparatively small and low. Single girder To minimize the capital costs for buildings modifications to provide extra space, we utilize the minimum of space for our crane systems.Using various fixing arrangements the single girder overhead travelling bridge cranes can be fitted individually to the existing space available.Favorable dimensions result in the optimal highest hook position.


Single girder/double girder electric overhead industrial crane is especially economical to meet lifting tasks within 20t duty. Time and manpower are greatly saved with a set of single beam EOT crane in workshop or other application suitable.


Normally there is no maximum safety distance to the ceiling of the building for single girder indutrial cranes with a load capacity range of up to 10T. This makes it a master at saving space even in buildings with unfavorable dimensions. The crane girder is constructed from robust profiles. Using a comprehensive range of fixing arrangements the travelling cranes can be designed to fit the available space.All we need for the planning stage of the crane system are the clear dimensions of the building. We will then design the crane individually for you.


Single girder overhead crane with hoist are widely used in the following applications:

1. LIGHT DUTY Cranes for maintenance,  warehouse and assembly operations. 

2. MEDIUM DUTY Cranes for general engineering application and Machine shop.

3. HEAVY DUTY Cranes for Heavy machine shops,  paper mills,  Fabrication shop,  etc.

4. EXTRA HEAVY DUTY Cranes for continuous operation in Steel mills and other Heavy Engineering purpose. Cranes for Outdoor duty is also designed specially

5. All CraneWerks bridge cranes are available with radio controls and independent traveling pendants.


Design features include:


Compact dimensions,  low weight,  easy to operate and easy to maintain,  modular design with direct fits between components


Bridge Girder,  End carriages,  Crab Frame manufactured from box plate design / Rolled Sections. If required 100% radiography of all butt welding joints of bridge and end carriages can be provided.


Nante Crane uses sturdy cylindrical/ conical rotor pole-changing motors with elegant continuous cast aluminum sections,  integrated safety brakes insulation class F, IP54 protection. 

Variable Frequency Drives & Remote Controls: 

We also offer Variable Frequency Drive in hoisting,  cross travel,  long travel for stepless speed control as an optional feature. We also provide radio remote control cranes for application in inaccessible and hazardous areas.

Brakes – 

Failsafe magnetic or hydraulic brakes of 150% torque or more are fitted on shaft extensions. For heavy duty cranes a second brake can be mounted to ensure failsafe operation.

Controls – 

Pendant control from floor,  master control switches,  master controllers in the driver's cabin can be provided. Radio remote control can be provided on request.


Modular design,  covering a very wide operating range. The systems are designed for ease of installation and maintenance and reliable operation,  with fuseless circuitry,  ducted wiring and non-screwed terminals. Each drive group is equipped with a motor overload protection device to provide effective protection against inadmissible overloading.


Every component & part is thoroughly scrubbed & painted with two coats of primer before assembly & two coats of synthetic enamel after testing.


To prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook.



Place of Origin:

Zhejiang,  China

Brand Name:


Model Number:




Max. Lifting Load




Max. Lifting Height


Crane Travelling Speed


Trolley Travelling Speed



General Drawing or Sketch or Draft Drawing

Technical Parameters


Technical Parameter for LDA Signle Girder Overhead Crane
Control TypePendent ControlCanbin ControlPendent ControlCanbin ControlPendent ControlCanbin ControlPendent ControlCanbin ControlPendent ControlCanbin Control
Long Travel Speed(m/min)203045456075203045456075203045456075203045456075203045456075
Crane Travel MechanismGear Ratio58.7839.3826.3626.3619.3715.6158.7839.3826.3626.3619.3715.6158.7839.3826.3626.3619.3715.6158.7839.3826.3626.3619.3715.6158.7839.3826.3626.3619.3715.61
Motor TypeZDY21-4ZDR12-4ZDY21-4ZDR12-4ZDY21-4ZDR12-4ZDY21-4ZDR12-4ZDY21-4ZDR12-4
Power (KW)2*0.82*1.52*0.82*1.52*0.82*1.52*0.82*1.52*0.82*1.5
Motor Speed(r/min)13801380138013801380
Hoist TypeCDI TypeMDI TypeCDI TypeMDI TypeCDI TypeMDI TypeCDI TypeMDI TypeCDI TypeMDI Type
Lifting MechanismLifting Spped(m/min)88/0.888/0.888/0.888/0.877/0.7
Travel Length(m)6 9 12 18 24 306 9 12 18 24 306 9 12 18 24 306 9 12 18 24 306 9 12 18 24 30
Travel Speed(m/min)20, 3020, 3020, 3020, 3020, 30
Motor TypeTapered Squirrel CageTapered Squirrel CageTapered Squirrel CageTapered Squirrel CageTapered Squirrel Cage
Working DutyA3-A5A3-A5A3-A5A3-A5A3-A5
Power Supply3P AC 50HZ 380V3P AC 50HZ 380V3P AC 50HZ 380V3P AC 50HZ 380V3P AC 50HZ 380V
Wheel Dia.(mm)220270270220220
Recommended Rail(kg/m)18, 2418, 2418, 2428, 2424, 38
Span(m)7.5-1111.5-1212.5-1414.5-1719.522.57.5-1111.5-1212.5-1414.5-1719.522.57.5-1111.5-1212.5-1414.5-1719.522.57.5-11 11.5-1212.5-1412.5-1719.522.57.5-1111.5-12 12.5-1414.5-1719.522.5
Total WeightPendent Control1.65-2.061.65-2.062.15-2.292.42-2.6733.411.78-2.10 2.21-2.262.35-2.502.63-2.913.854.671.88-2.242.32-2.382.47-2.643.17-3.534.284.832.14-2.512.95-3.023.12-3.143.69-4.124.575.653.35-3.974.23-4.314.43-4.735.08-5.606.657.78
Canbin Control2.05-2.462.05-2.462.55-2.69 2.82- 2.61-2.662.75-2.903.03-3.314.255.072.28-2.642.72-2.782.87-3.043.37-3.934.685.232.54-2.913.35-3.423.53-3.744.09-4.524.976.053.35-3.974.23-4.314.43-4.735.08-5.606.657.78
Wheel LoadPendent Control1.08-1.181.08-1.181.21-1.251.28-1.351.441.561.64-1.721.75-1.761.79-1.831.87-1.932.182.382.15-2.242.26-2.282.31-2.352.48-2.572.82.943.28-3.373.48-3.503.53-3.593.68-3.783.954.25.15-5.835.67-5.715.77-5.895.95-6.146.436.71
Canbin Control1.38-1.481.38-1.481.5-1.551.58-1.651.741.861.94-2.02 2.05-2.062.09-2.132.17-2.232.482.682.45-2.542.56-2.582.61-2.652.78-2.873.13.343.58-3.673.78-3.803.83-3.893.98-



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