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Automated Hoisting Systems Custom Low Headroom Electric Rope Hoist NHA Type

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Automated Hoisting Systems Custom Low Headroom Electric Rope Hoist NHA Type

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Product Details

Automated Hoisting Systems Custom Low Headroom Electric Rope Hoist NHA Type​  


Low Headroom SHA-XD Electric Travelling Wire Rope Hoist with high working grade is the newly developed type which is specific design to the box type beam as well as the traditional I beam. The great advantage is shock absorption and noise reduction. What’s more, the distance for the gauge can be adjusted. Our series hoisting products have been exported to almost 50 countries and regions, including Europe, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc; and our products, by its newly unique design and super quality, have gained a good feedback among users in China and abroad.


1. Reducer
Third-class dead axel helica gear transmission structure is adopted,; gear and gear axel are made of heat treated alloy steel; case and case cover with precise assembly and good seal are made of quality cast iron. The reducer is independent, so its easy to load and unload it.


2. Control Box
It has device with up an down stroke protection of break off limiter and can cut off main circuit in an emergency,which ensures safe operation of electric block.Electric elements are of long service life and operational safety.


3.Steel Wire Rope
 It uses GB1102-74(6*37+1) hoist steel wire rope which is durable in use.


4. Conical Motor
The hoist motor uses conical motors of relatively stronger starting torque to brake asynchronous motor and does not need extra arrester. The motor s load duration factor is 25%; the motor uses B frade and F grade insulation and its grade of protection isIP44/IP54.


5. Button Switch
Its hand-operated, easy to handle,and has two modes of cord operation and cordless remote control



By adopting Japanese technology,they are innovated symmetrical arrayed high -speed synchronous gears, and are made from international standard gear steel.Compared with common gears ,they are more wearable and steadier, and more laborsaving.



Adopts high strength chain and high precision welding technology,meet ISO3077-1984 international standard;fits for gusty overload work conditions;takes your hands a better feeling multi-angle operation.



Made of high-class alloy steel,it has high strength and high security; by using new design, weight will never escape.



Main components are all made of high-class alloy steel,with high precision and security.


10. Framework

Slight design and more beautiful; with less weight and smaller work area.


11. Plastic Plating

By adopting advanced plastic plating technology inside and outside,it looks like a new one after years of operation.


Made of high-classed steel,more firmly and dexterous.                                                          

A wire rope hoist is a hoist that utilizes wire rope as the lifting medium. It is often powered electrically or pneumatically. This lifting device is made up of a rope storage drum, motor(s), gear box and braking system, and is suspended from a monorail or bridge beam(s) by means of a trolley. It may also be stationary mounted.

A crane is a machine used for lifting and lowering a load, and moving it horizontally. A crane's drives may be manual, powered or a combination of both. Cranes are typically used when there is insufficient (or intermittent) flow volume such that the use of a conveyor cannot be justified. They provide more flexibility in movement than conveyors, and less flexibility in movement than industrial trucks. Loads handled by cranes are more varied with respect to their shape and weight than those handled by a conveyor. Most cranes utilize hoists for vertical movement, although manipulators can be used if precise positioning of the load is required.

Many different types of cranes are used for material handling applications. These include overhead cranes as well as cherry picker type boom lifts, mobile and self-propelled cranes, straddle and counterbalanced (cantilevered) cranes. Portable and mobile floor cranes can be equipped with fixed or telescopic booms as well as mast rotation when equipped with outriggers. Lifting can be performed with the boom itself or a winch operated cable lift.





NHA2.5    5.0/0.85/20M52/14.9/0.8100-4505004006007200.0212H7208459721226


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