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HeNan Perfect Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

He Nan Perfect Auto Part co.,Ltd is a professional factory with 10 years history.mainly producing and
selling diesel nozzle,injector assembly,nozzle nut,injector repair kits,valve,valve cap,and so on,We
passed ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification.We have advanced equipment, testing machine and
management system.Our products have been exported to Europe , USA, Centraland south America,

Southeast Asia, Mid East ,Africa , etc.



Production line of common rail injector


Needle valve body manufacturing process


Step 1: Needle valve blank drilling



Our introduction begins with the blank of the needle body. The four-axis gun drilling machine imported from Germany is used for rough machining of the needle body blank, the four-axis gun is drilled once, and the hole in the injector is formed once.



This is the way after processing, and the one-time forming can ensure the concentricity, straightness and roughness meet the requirements.


Step 2: Processing the needle valve body hole position



Next, this equipment is a vertical machining center imported from the United States. It is used to machine the hole positions of the needle valve body. The fuel nozzle processes two positioning holes and one oil inlet hole through it.


Step 3: Electrochemical Electrolytic Oil Tank



This step is an electrochemical electrolysis oil sump that ensures the size of the oil sump while ensuring that there are no burrs.



The original process is to use a knife to extend into the digging. For products with extremely high precision such as the injector, the disadvantage is that there are more burrs and irregular shapes. The use of electrochemical electrolysis can solve this problem very well.


Step 4: Spray hole processing



At present, the typical process is a micro-hole EDM process. The Swiss-made CNC micro-hole EDM machine is used. The flow accuracy is ±3%, and the precision of the injection hole is very high.



In order to ensure the injection pressure and effect of the injector, the accuracy of the injection hole is very high. The orifice should be inverted and tapered to help increase the orifice flow coefficient and enhance the spray effect.


Step 5: Extrusion grinding



Next, using the American-made extrusion grinding equipment, the flow rate of the squeeze needle valve body is detected online to reach the flow standard, and the error is controlled within ±1%. At the same time, there is deburring effect, which can reduce the pressure loss of the nozzle.



The extrusion grinding equipment detects the interface and the error is controlled within ±1%.


Step 6: Traffic Detection



Flow rate detection is performed on the processed needle valve body, and the valve body of each nozzle is 100% tested for flow consistency.



The one we saw was the flow meter, which is also the highest level of testing equipment in the country.



In addition, in order to better understand whether the injector can meet the needs under actual working conditions, it is also necessary to test the injector and the original injector after installation. This is the Italian common rail injector test bench. The function is to test the technical parameters of each working condition after installation with the original injector.


Step 7: Processing the hole seat surface and the large end surface



What we see here is the German-made CNC high-precision mesoporous grinding machine. It is used to machine the middle hole, seat surface and large end face of the needle valve body.


Automatic loading and unloading can be realized in one clamping, which ensures the accuracy and coaxiality of each part. In addition, the large end face is indented after fine grinding, which is advantageous for assembly and sealing with the injector body.


Next, let's take a look at another important component of the injector – how the needle valve is processed.


Step 1: The needle valve is roughened into a blank



After the heat-treated needle valve is roughly ground, a blank is formed, and fine grinding is continued in the subsequent process.


Step 2: Detect the needle blank size



First of all, it is necessary to check and confirm the size of the needle valve blank, and enlarge it by the projector to ensure the precise cooperation with the needle valve body.


Step 3: Processing the needle angle



The detected needle valve was sent to a German CNC high-precision cylindrical grinding machine for processing. This step is mainly to process the angle of the folding method.



Needle valve being prepared for processing



Step 4: Cut the needle valve size outer circle



Finally, the outer diameter of the needle valve needs to be cut, which is done by a CNC high-precision coreless grinding machine made in Italy. The roundness of the needle valve needs to be controlled above 0.25μm in order to meet the accuracy requirements of the common rail injector.

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