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Leeb Hardness Tester

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Product Details

Carbitron model 300

The low-cost tungsten-carbide applicator with the heavy-duty features

Extend the life of tools and wear parts up to 1000%

This simple, easy-to-use process applies tungsten-carbide to tools and wear parts with resultant greatly improved cutting characteristics and wear life, the carbitron 300 system, consisting of an adjustable power supply and a vibrating hand-tool, is a heavy-duty unit incorporating the features of units selling for 5X-10X its low price.

With savings in down-time, tool changing, tool-sharpening and tool purchases, the carbitron 300 will pay for itself in an amazingly short period.

Diamond dustingRenew and improve micro-laboratory and microsurgical tools with ultra-hard surface coatings. enhances gripping characteristics for tweezers, forceps needle-holders, etc.

StampingApply to high-wear areas of punches and dies. Typical increase in operational life of 6X-10X.

Cutting toolsCan be applied to lathe bits, milling cutters, taps, saws, drills, hobs, reamers, knives, scissors etc.

Forming toolsApply to contact surfaces of continuous or intermittent type forming tools. Will greatly increase operational life and minimize galling.

Collets and chucksApply to gripping surfaces. Will greatly increase gripping action and reduce wear.

Forging diesApply to high-wear surfaces. Life extended 5X-10X.

Machine partsCreate unique new properties by applying to surface of high-wear parts. Greatly improve machine reliability

Typical applications

Extend tool life

Resize and salvage worm tools

Obtain self-sharpening cutting edges

Protect wear surfaces

Repair worm parts

Create non-brittle tungsten-carbide surfaces

Increase friction and wear-life of grippers

Improve surface textures

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