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Address: ADD: 18F Tower C, Winning Ocean Plaza, No. 680 South Maanshan Rd, Hefei 230041, China

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About Us

ANHUI ELITE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is the sister company of ELITE INDUSTRIAL GROUP (CHINA) LIMITED located in Hefei, Anhui, China.


Founded in 2007, specilized in manufacturing and selling follow products, after about 10years developing,

now we focus on 4 main business fields, with our own production basement, R&D, quality control and professional sales team.


A. Food ingredients division :

    1, Soluble dietary fiber, such as IMO, FOS, Polydextrose, Resistant dextrin etc...

    2, Oligosaccharides, such as isomaltooligosaccharide, Fructooligossacharide etc...

    3, Low calorie sweeteners, such as xylitol, maltitol, mannitol, erythritol, trehalose etc...


B. Chemical resin division :

    1, chemical resins for printing ink, such as chlorinated polypropylene, polyamide resin,

        vinyl polymer resin etc...

    2, water based wet / cold bond acrylic lamination adhesive for paper to plastic film;

    3, water based dry / heat seal acrylic lamination adhesive for paper to plastic film;

    4, water based acrylic lamination adhesive for protective film lamination ;

    5, water based acrylic lamination adhesive for gift-box pasting ;

    6, water based acrylic lamination adhesive for laser film ;


C, Geosynthetics division :

    1, Geotextile/ geofabrics;

    2, Geomembrane;

    3, Geocell & Geogrids;

    4, Geocomposites;

    5, Geosynthetic clay liners;


D, Concrete & Mortar additive Division: 

     1, concrete reinforcement fiber, such as polypropylene fiber, polyester fiber etc...

     2, concrete superplasticizer, water reducer etc...

     3, Vae redispersible powder

     4, HPMC 


With a professional teams with over 10years international trading experience,

now our products has been sold to over 50 countries in the world, 

our main clients is from North/middle/south american, European, south east asia, middle east, africa etc...

please contact us for more information.





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Company info

City: hefei
Province: anhui
Country: china
Address: ADD: 18F Tower C, Winning Ocean Plaza, No. 680 South Maanshan Rd, Hefei 230041, China