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Raw, unwashed heavyweight denim, (12.5 oz.) finished in our WaterLess process. Denim will feel rigid at first, and then gradually conform to the individual wearer. Washing causes shrinkage, (refer to care tag for instructions).
Raw, rough, and as pure as jeans can be, Shrink-to-Fit are the real deal. Pre 1960's, this was the only way you could get your jeans. Breaking them in by wearing and not washing them is all part of the process. They truly improve with age, becoming a second skin, perfectly fitted to your body and how you move. These are for all you denim purists who want to leave a mark—every crease, tiny hole, and fray will be your very own.
Regular fit.
Sits at waist
Straight leg

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Company Name: OKAY CLOTHING limited
Country: China
Website: http://www.okayclothing.com/