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Engine oil purifier/ Waste vehicle oil recylcing filter/ LYE-1000

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Akaren chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Co.,Ltd

Engine oil purifier/ Waste vehicle oil recylcing filter/ LYE-1000

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LYE Engine Oil Purifier/oil filter

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Supplying Waste oil purifier/ used oil purifier/ oil recycling/ regenerate oil purifier/ Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier/ Switch oil filtration/ Turbine oil puifier/ Hydraulic oil Purifier/Engine oil purifier/ Diesel oil purifier/ Gear oil purifier/ Fuel oil purifier/ Fire-resistant oil purifier/ light oil purifier....all kinds of Insulating oil purifier & Lube oil Purifier


1. Adopting high-precision stainless steel strainer with excellent mechanical strength and long service life, which is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant, it can intensively remove particulate matter from contaminated oil.

2. Completely removing water and harmful gas from the contaminated oil.

3. Simple operation with safety and reliability.

4. As for the mixed gas which is pumped by vacuum pump, through some methods such as exhaust treatment, rundle cooling, condensation, purification, filtration to reinforce the efficient output power of the machine, prolong the service life of vacuum pump largely. It not only protects the vacuum pump, but also makes the discharge gas clean and accord with environmental requirements.

5. This system adopts advanced indefinite oil temperature control device, which can set the top and bottom oil temperature discretionarily to avoid frequent motions of beating AC contract and prolong the service life of AC contract.

6. This plant is equipped with integrated protection devices. Through each executive component, it can realize overall self-protection to the temperature, pressure, vacuum level, ultra-pressure etc

Range of Application

LYE used engine oil regeneration system is particularly used in such industry as mines, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, mechanical manufacture in which lubrication oil like hydraulic oil, engine oil, car/motor oil, cooling oil etc are used. Gas engine oil used in the field of transportation like shipping, land-carriage etc. also can be treated with regeneration by LYE series machines.

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