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REXON High Voltage Transformer Oil Purifier Machine Insulating Oil Filtration Durable

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REXON High Voltage Transformer Oil Purifier Machine Insulating Oil Filtration Durable

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Product Details

REXON High Voltage Transformer Oil Purification Equipment, Insulating Oil Filtration Machine, Used Transformer Oil Treatment System

Product Description:

As is well known the Transformer plays an important role in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Under load the transformer, dissipates heat and the insulating oil acts as a coolant as well as an effective dielectric.

Due to the highly hygroscopic nature of the transformer oil, it absorbs moisture from windings, which leads to gradual deterioration of dielectric strength. Also there are some waste impurities, gas contents in the transformer oil which destroy the oil’s quality.

REXON oil purifier is the most efficient and economical purification system.

This oil purification plant is applied to filter various of unqualified insulation oils including aging transformer oil specially for the power which is above 110KV, mutual inductor oil, switch oil and so on. Also it can inject the insulating oil into the transformers on-line.


3. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, eliminating the liquid water quickly

4. UK G technology by which the trace water that is show chain, such as dissolved water, can be removed effectively.

5. Distinctive removing impurities system filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer without the mechanical power

6. Carbon fiber infrared heating system that can make the oil contains zero sum of ethyne after the treatment

7. Especially applied to vacuum oiling and drying for power transmission equipments which are over 110KV

8. The oil of any grades can be treated on line at the working site.

Can be operated both on-load and off-load.

Can be operated fully-automatically with PLC controller.

this Oil purifier can be made in hermetical, canopy-covering, open and frame style.

this machine dewater, degas and removes the impurities more quickly, more completely, and makes the oils limiting voltage-withstand value much higher. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system that can purify and also can be an independent vacuum power supply, this machine can treat the electric insulation devices.

The oil technical data after treatment:
1. Gas content less than 0.1%
2. Impurity size less than 1μm without free carbon
3. Oil dielectric strength (breakdown voltage) more than 75KV
4. Acidity value less than 0.01 mgKOH/g
5. Dielectric loss factors at 90°C less than 0.001


Our Transformer Oil Purification and Maintenance Machines can bring you:

→Purifying your transformer oil high efficiently

→Maintain your transformer oil always in good status

→Save your old transformer oil replacement cost

→Solve your waste transformer oil disposal problem

→Guarantee your transformers working normally with qualified oil property

→Protect your transformers and power equipment from oil pollution problems

→Reduce your maintenance time, energy and invest on transformers and power plant

→Create a safety and cleaning oil use environment for your transformers of power station

→Bring a green oil ideal to the world and save oil energy for all of our generations

Technical Parameters:

Flow RateL/H1800300060009000120001500018000
Working VacuumMpa-0.08 ~-0.099
Working PressureMpa≤ 0.3
Temp Range20 ~80
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase( As per required)
Working NoiseDb60 - 80 (Depended on the configuation)
Heating PowerKW306090135150165180
Total PowerKW3567.5101.5149164 198
Inlet/Outlet DiamMM25324250506060
Dielectric StrengthKV≥ 75-85
Water ContentPPM≤ 3
Gas Content%≤ 0.1
Particle Sizeμ≤ 3
Cleanliness ≤NAS 1638 Grade 5

►We are the leading manufacture near 20 years experience and supply best quality and highest cost performance oil purification machines. Our oil purifier equipment are built by high quality raw materials with newest advanced technology by many skilled technicians and professional workers. We are honest to every customer and responsible for every machine we sold, we offer great after sales service, anytime when customer need us, no matter before or after purchase, we are available online or calling, to make a fast and instant response to customer.

►we practiced in this industry during all these years, and have rich on-site experiences too. Any on-site cases, please contact us for a solution.

►For detailed product specifications, please leave us your email or mobile no. To send you the catalog. Thank you.

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