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Olsun Electrics Hm Harmonic Mitigating Transformer Stainless Steel

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 Olsun Electrics HM harmonic mitigating style transformers are designed for non-linear loading applications such as those utilizing switch-mode power supplies. This type of loading includes computers and computer servers and related equipment such as printers, monitors and copiers… most any electrical equipment utilizing a resident power supply. Related applications include data centers, schools and office buildings, theater and recording studios, financial and similar institutions where single phase line-to-neutral equipment containing switching power supplies are used.

Utilizing flux cancellation and phase shifting designs, Olsun HM transformers mitigate third order (triplen) harmonics seen by the transformer, preventing primary winding coupling and the resulting noise that would be reflected back onto the feeding circuit.

Silica Resin Encapsulated Transformers

The Silica Resin Encapsulated transformer is the result of many years of continuous refinement by Olsun Electrics. Two Olsun product types, recognized in the market as the SilPac and HazPac, were developed and expanded as a result of a growing need for a compact and economical dry type transformer that was virtually impervious to harsh environmental conditions, such as those encountered in chemical plants, refineries, dairies, marinas, shipboard use, etc. Product durability, quiet operation, and flexibility in designing the encapsulated transformer for your application make Olsun the clear choice.

Hazardous Location Applications

Olsun Electrics HazPac transformer line is designed and built specifically for hazardous locations in compliance with article 500 of the NEC and is UL* listed for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D locations. And with a North American Temperature Classification of T3C, HazPac keeps its cool under load—when you and the surroundings need it to be. Couple our dedicated hazardous duty design with high short-circuit strength, 80°C rise availability and Olsun’s industry proven reliability and you’re literally playing it safe in choosing Olsun for long life in your application.



Who invented the transformer? Ottó Bláthy, Miksa Déri, Károly Zipernowsky of the Austro-Hungarian Empire First designed and used the transformer in both experimental, and commercial systems. Later on Lucien Gaulard, Sebstian Ferranti, and William Stanley perfected the design. See the next question for more details.


When was the transformer invented? The property of induction was discovered in the 1830's but it wasn't until 1886 that William Stanley, working for Westinghouse built the first reliable commercial transformer. His work was built upon some rudimentary designs by the Ganz Company in Hungary (ZBD Transformer 1878), and Lucien Gaulard and John Dixon Gibbs in England. Nikola Tesla did not invent the transformer as some dubious sources have claimed. The Europeans mentioned above did the first work in the field. George Westinghouse, Albert Schmid, Oliver Shallenberger and Stanley made the transformer cheap to produce, and easy to adjust for final use.


Where were the first transformers used? The first AC power system that used the modern transformer was in Great Barrington, Massachusetts in 1886. Earlier forms of the transformer were used in Austro-Hungary 1878-1880s and 1882 onward in England. Lucien Gaulard (Frenchman) used his AC system for the revolutionary Lanzo to Turin electrical exposition in 1884 (Northern Italy). In 1891 mastermind Mikhail Dobrovsky designed and demonstrated his 3 phase transformers in the Electro-Technical Exposition at Frankfurt, Germany.


Varieties of Transformers

There are many types of transformers with different designs used for all kinds of applications from radio to microelectronics. Simply can be divided into oil immersed transformer and dry type transformer.


Main components of transformers

The most important components of transformers are core and coil. They are the heart of a transformer. Besides that, oil tanks, casing and some controlling devices are also essential parts of a transformer.



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