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Small Scale Engine Oil Recycling Unit, Used Car Oil Regenerative filter Purifier

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Small Scale Engine Oil Recycling Unit, Used Car Oil Regenerative filter Purifier

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Series BOD-T engine oil regeneration system is mainly for regenerating the waste engine oil, this equipment can effective separate water, gas, particles, deeply oxides, free carbon, colloid, asphalt and wax from oil, making black engine oil become transparent golden color. This equipment has the functions of dewatering, degassing, decolor. Improving the engine oil’s properties, restoring the oil’s performance and lowering wear to ensure the engine can work normally and safely, prolonging the engine and engine oil lifetime.



1.Use of special chemicals to eliminate oil-ion’s charge polarity, collecting oil-ions and separating out them, removing colloid, asphalt and other chemical compounds.

2.Gas treatment device combined with air filter and vacuum degassing, dewatering to remove the odor and water.

3.Closed type filtering system use stainless steel mesh, reliable, no pollution. Two filtering units can realize continuous production.

4.Vacuum degassing, dewatering, removing particles make sure effectively improve oil properties, restoring oil performance.

5.Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe, and reliable.

6.Compact structure, reasonable layout, small space applied, large output.

7.Imported Germany electric parts (such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER), good performance, safe and reliable.


Technical parameters:

Index nameunitBOD-T-1000BOD-T-2000BOD-T -5000BOD-T-10000
Flow rateL/Day10002000500010000
Ratio of regeneration%75 -95
Working pressureMPa-0.095 ~ 0.4
Temperature rangeC80~180
Working noisedB(A)≤70
Power supply 380V 50HZ 3PH(As per user’s option)
Heating powerkW55108145192
Total powerkW68122162216
Reactor systemmm2500x2100x23003000x2100x23003300x2100x23005600x2100x2300
Filtration systemmm3000x1200x19003000x1400x19003500x1600x21002x3500x1600x2100
Gas treatment systemmm1360x800x30001360x800x30001560x950x30001560x950x3000




China ZSA-10 Used Engine Oil Recycling System To Get SN200 Through Vacuum Distillation




Systems of equipment


l Pretreatment system: Waste oil will be pumped into the distillation kettle after pretreated.


l Distillation system: through burning coal, gas or fuel oil to make the oil in the kettle up to the working temperature. This system equipped with stirring system and insulation system.


l Cooling system: the gaseous hydrocarbon will be cooled into liquid base oil. Gasoline and diesel.


l Oil storage system: the base oil, gasoline and diesel get from cooling system storage here, and then pump into the storage tank.


l Vacuum system: meet the technology requirement.


l Filtration system: rapidly filter out mechanical impurities in the base oil, gasoline and diesel, get the high quality base oil, gasoline and diesel.



Recovery rate

Base oil: 85%~88 % ( index same as SN150~SN200)


Gasoline: about 3%


Diesel: about 3%-4%


Oil residue: 6%~8%



Index of oil after treatment


NoItemUnitTechnical data
Light base oilMedium/heavy base oil
2Viscosity index ≥99110
3Appearance TransparencyTransparency
4Color indexASTMD1500≤1.2≤1.6
5Pour point°C-15-10
6Water content%W/W≤0.05≤0.05
7Flash point open°C≥180≥210
8Ash content%W/W0.0050.005
9Carbon residue%W/W≤0.13≤0.13


Performance characteristics,advantage introduction


  1. Low cost: only cost about USD25 of Pretreatment reagent when treat 1 ton used oil. the Pretreatment reagent is basic chemical material, can buy in every country, without any restrictions.
  2. easy operation: 1~2 people can easily operate the machine
  3. environmental protection: the whole process is all sealed, won’t release any gas harmful to human and environment, the colloid and asphalting, carbon black in the waste lube oil are all into sludge, can be used as asphalt or fuel.
  4. Widely usage: can treat gasoline engine oil, diesel oil, rubber oil and other waste lube oil of the engine, also a variety of cleaning oil.
  5. High recovery rate: Base oil: 85%~88% gasoline3%.diesel:3-4% sludge:6%~8%.
  6. Do not need acid and clay, get high quality base oil : No unsaturated composition, can storage in a long-term without change its color, also no any bad smell.
  7. this is the most advanced technology in the world and suitable for large-scale industrial production.











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