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DBY Series 2 Phase Fruit Juice Centrifugal Separation for Coconut water

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DBY Series 2 Phase Fruit Juice Centrifugal Separation for Coconut water

Country/Region china
City & Province chaoyang liaoning
Categories Plastic Product Making Machinery

Product Details

DBY Series 2 Phase Fruit Juice Centrifugal Separation for Coconut water

Product Application


Juneng Juice Separator, with the special design for centripetal pump and inlet/outlet port, create a soft separation environment for material to ensure the active ingredient in the material is not destroyed and make the nutritional value and freshness as well as original flavor keep well.


Juneng Juice Separator is suitable for dairy clarifying, separation of milk and cream, syrup , vegetable juice, tea drinks, coffee, beer etc.


General fruits and vegetables: ketchup juice, carrot juice, lycopene, apple juice, lemon juice, orange juice, grape juice, citrus juice, etc.


Tropical fruits: passionflower, mango, pineapple, guava, papaya, etc.


Vegetable fruits: celery, lettuce, cucumber, onion,garlic,spinach,etc.



Juneng Group
Juneng Group is a large scale manufacturer of industrial products in China. This group principally engaged with the in-house research & development as well as manufacturing of various industrial filters, separators , centrifuges and pumps.
The Company now has its 4 production bases with a total capacity of 280,000 square meters in Nanjing city and Yixing City , permanent workforces not less than 1100 people and the production line is well equipped with more than 2000 inits of advanced production equipment and test Instrumentation
Juneng Manufacture Scope
1 . Disc Separator                                                           2 . Decanter Centrifuge
3 . Filter                                                                           4 . Pump
5 . Thin-film Evaporator                                                   6 . Siphonic Centrifuge
7 . Heat Exchanger

Our Aavantages

Juneng Separator is one of the market leaders in the field of centrifugal separating technology. The company has been developing and manufacturing centrifugal separation equipment for more than 30 years.

30+ Years Experience

For more than 30 years, Juneng Separator has been developing and manufacturing disc stack centrifuge.


40000+ Installations

Since 1988, there are more than 40000+ centrifuges from Juneng Separator installed in more than 50+ Countries.


100+ Centrifuge models

In order to satisfy customer's demand from various field, more than 100+ centrifuge modles have been launched.



Worldwide many well-know manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical rely on Juneng centrifugal separation technology.


People never stop bringing forward higher requirements for high quality and diversity of beer, wine, fruit juice, vegetable juice, coffee, tea, milk and other beverage.
Fruit juices contain various essences. But some components such as tannin (tannic acid), pectin (carboxymethyl cellulose) ,residues and crude fiber formed in pretreatment processes such as peeling and stoning may influence the appearance quality of fruit juice products, especially the representation and clarification treatments are carried out according to different process requirements, and they are especially important to clear juices.
The separators made by Juneng can meet the requirements in the above industries, because it create a soft separation environment which ensure the active, nuttrition and freshness of the product, meanwhile the dividualized process control can realize maximized processing efficiency during the processing.
Product Application
General fruits and vegetables: juice of carrot, lycopene, apple , lemon , orange, grape, citrus, etc.
Tropical fruits: passionflower, mango, pineapple, guava, papaya, etc.
Vegetable fruits: celery, lettuce, cucumber, onion,garlic,spinach,etc
Details Information

 Model DBY 211
 Control PLC control cabinet

 Continuously operation

 Motor 15 Kw
 Voltage 220 V, 380 V , 460 V or others 
 Capacity 2000 - 5000 L / H , it depends on the feeding liquid
 Material SS304 food grade
 Product Coconut water, coconut milk, green tea, coffee, bear etc.

Quality Guarantee
1, Every company deeply understand that quality is the basic weapon for an enterprise to win. Quality is one of the factor that helped the business to achieve success, so we strive to provide qualitative business.
2, Our Quality Control department is comprised of experienced engineers, technicians and QC inspectors. The best products from the high reputation company and will do better than any other company

Why Choose Juneng

 1 . Factory visit is available if you need 2 . Preferential quotation is provided.
 3 . 24 hours technical consultation 4 . Compliance to delivery lead time
 5 . Technicians are availabled for overseas service 6 . Sufficient spare parts in stock are available.

China Import and Export Fair ( twice each year )
ProFood Tech --The Food & Beverage Processing Event 2019
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