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Address: NO.22,Beiqing Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 100094,China

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BioTeke Corporation

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About Us

Bioteke Corporation is a provider of molecular diagnostics instrument & related reagents. built at 2005, headquarter loated in Beijing, and factory in Wuxi city.


We offer kinds of lab instruments as
Automated Nucleic acid extraction system                 UV-Vis spectrophotometer

96 Gradient Thermal cycler                                         Microplate reader
Automated pipetting system                                        Automated liquid handling system
Gel imaging system                                                     Centrifuge
Electrophoresis apparatus                                           Ultra-low temperature freezer


And we also provide many kinds of reagents&kits as
RNA extraction kits                                                     DNA purification kits
Plasmid extraction kits                                                Genomic DNA extraction kit
Electrophoresis related reagents                                  DNA Ladder 
Protein related reagents                                               Magnetic bead extraction kits
Blood RNA tubes                                                         Consumables


Bioteke holds the philosophy to offer quick molecular diagnostic products with low price,high quality and superior services to the world.



Hot Products

Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit (Spin-column) Offered in two sizes (50 preps,100preps),DP4005,DP4006 ...
Saliva DNA Isolation Kit Offered in one size (50 preps), DP7001 Bioteke’s Saliva DNA Isolation Kit ...
Bioteke’s Purification Technology Purification is based on spin column chromatography. The plasmid ...
Plasmid DNA MaxiPrep Kit (Spin-column) Offered in two sizes (5 preps,10preps,DP1001,DP2501,DP2502) ...
Plasmid DNA MaxiPrep Kit (Spin-column) Offered in two sizes (5 preps,10preps,DP1001,DP2501,DP2502) ...
RNA/DNA Purification Micro Kit (Spin-column) Offered in two sizes (20preps, 50preps), DP3301,DP3302 ...

Company info

Company Name: BioTeke Corporation
City: beijing
Province: beijing
Country: china
Address: NO.22,Beiqing Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 100094,China