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Selection of imported materials, unique design and excellent workmanship by international institutions SGS 100000 opening test, quality assurance
Buy less activities, buy more concessions
E06 damping steel ball slide, "buy one, minus 10 yuan"
Finishing cold plate material, Foshan copper galvanized, rust proof and more durable
Featured imported materials, unique design + excellent workmanship
Through the international SGS agency 100000 times opening and closing test, quality assurance
Nisko furniture hardware
A rebound, damping open soft & close push
AD hinge Hinge
B hanging code hanger Kitchen
C support support Cabinet
E guide rail drawer Slide
F cabinet foot skriting, leg, castor
G pull basket basket storage
M small accessories Fittings
H wardrobe cloakroom
N sink faucet sink
Weir Blum furniture hardware
BL01 hinge Hinge
BL02 hanging code
BL03 guide rail
BL04 support
BL05 buffer stainless steel seasoning basket

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Company Name: nskwj.company
Country: China
Website: http://www.nskwj.com/