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Welcome to Nova Industry
Specialize in Electrical Insulation Laminates & Machining.
With more than 10 years experience, we are the special in manufacturing & machining Electrical Insulation Laminated sheet, our main products as below:
* Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet (G10/G11/FR4/FR5)
* Phenolic Paper Cloth Laminated Sheet (XP/XPC/XXXPC)
* Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheet (C/CE/L/LE)
* Other materials such as, Back-up Board, Antistatic G10 Laminate, G7 Laminates, etc.
These kinds of industrial Laminates are created from thermosetting resins combined with various base materials like alkali-free glass fabric, paper or cotton cloth, under high pressure and heat. Which have extremely high mechanical strength, good diElectrical loss properties and good Electrical strength properties.
All products meet ISO9001-2000 & widely range of applications, for example: suitable for using as insulating structural parts in Electrical equipments, Electrical generators, switchgear, punch component, also suitable to make fixture or as back-up board of PCBs industry.
Stand for total solution, custom machining, including cutting, milling, routing, slotting, drilling, turning, sanding, are available.
All work is performed on CNC high speed machines or milling / drilling machines, providing you with high quality insulating parts, maintaining tight tolerances, and on time delivery.
Particularly Recommended G10/FR4 Laminates:
Ultra thickness laminates (from 0.1mm to 180mm)
Colored G10/FR4 Available in: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Gray, and so on.
They can be made into Solid Color or Sandwiched Multi-colors, used as sport appliance, knife handle, etc.
Semi-conductive & Antistatic FR4 with one or both side black color surface permanent antistatic properties.
Sheet sizes Available915 1220mm(36 48 ), 1020 1220mm(40 48 ),
1220 1220mm(48 48 ),1220 2470mm (48 97 )
No matter what industry you work in, Nova Industry has high quality insulation for your demanding applications. Join our growing list of satisfied customers, and send us your inquiry today. We shall be your greatest partners! !

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Company Name: Nova Industry Ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.novasz.com/