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Address: No 118,Yanji Road,Qingdao city,China.

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NOACH Group Limited

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 NOACH Group Limited is a multi-ply enterprise specializing in industrial products, especially in the field of welding materials & consumables, welding & cutting equipment.Our products include Tig Welding Wires, CO2 gas shield welding wire(MIG wire), flux-cored arc welding wire, submerged arc welding(SAW) wire, welding electrodes, welding fluxes(agglomerated and fused types), metallurgical Cored Wire and range of special purpose welding consumables & stainless steel wires,etc.


NOACH Group Limited,a professional supplier was established in 2002. It is a trustworthy name in the field of welding. We have set certain parameters for our success. Our customized range of products that includes Submerged Welding Wire, Automatic Submerged Welding Wire, Stud Welding, MIG Welding Wire, Arc Welding Wire, Compact Welding Wire, Compact Welding Wire, TIG Welding Wire, Profile Cutting Machine, Welding Rectifier, Welding Rectifier, Multi-Stage Gas Regulators, Wind Driven Ventilators is attributed with the latest technology. We also have a well-knitted network along the vertical supply chain - both with the manufacturers and distributors to fulfill timely delivery of products and bulk purchase of machine equipments and spares.


We're serving the following industries: Refrigeration, Air-conditioning,   Shipping,  Fishing,  Petrochemical,  Ship Building,  Ship Repair,  Car Manufacturing,  Motorcycle Manufacturing,  Bottling and Brewing,  Cement Industry,  Drilling Industry,  Oil Refinery, Die and Mould Repair,  Food/Drug Industry, Transport, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Steel Milling, Construction, Automotive, Precision Tooling.

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Abrasive Paper Roll
Abrasive Cloth Roll
Sand Paper
Amunimum Oxide Sand Paper
Abrasive Sand Paper
abrasive cloth
sandpaper roll
sanding disks
Abrasive Paper
Abrasive belt
Abrasive stone
Abrasive Discs
Abrasive Rolls
Fibre Discs
Aloxide Cloth Roll
Abrasive Sheets
PSA Abrasive Disc
Sanding Belts
Emery Paper
Abrasive Paper Disc
Coated Abrasive Belts
diamond abrasive products
bonded abrasive products
abrasive brush
abrasive disc
abrasive sheet
abrasive wheels
grinding wheel
Abrasive Jumbo Roll
jumbo abrasive cloth roll
Abrasive Cloth Rolls
Wide Sanding Belts
Segmented belt
Floor Sanding Abrasives
Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts
Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts
Zirconia Alumina Sanding Belts
Resin Fiber Sanding Discs
Abrasive Flap Discs
Non-woven Abrasives
Sanding Screen


Carbon steel welding electrode
Stainless steel welding electrode
Low alloy steel electrode
ardfacing electrode
Cast iron welding rod
Barrel welding wire
Aluminium welding wire
Co2 Gas shielded welding wire
Submerged arc welding wire
Stainless steel welding wire
Flux-cored welding wire
Argon arc welding wire


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Company Name: NOACH Group Limited
City: qingdao
Province: shandong
Country: china
Address: No 118,Yanji Road,Qingdao city,China.