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Canned Sardine Fish in Vegetable Oil, Tomato Sauce & Brine

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Canned Sardine Fish in Vegetable Oil, Tomato Sauce & Brine

Country/Region china
City & Province xiamen fujian
Categories Frozen Food

Product Details


Canned Sardine Fish in Vegetable Oil, Tomato Sauce & Brine







1.Shape: Head off, Gutted and Tail off


2.Different flavors: brine/salted water, tomato sauce, hot sauce, vegetable oil


3.Can variety: Easy-open tin or normal-lid tin


4.Storage method: at dry and shadow place


5.Remark: provide different flavors in one order(including other canned fish)



More reasons why you should love to eat sardines!


After you read the nutrition facts about sardines, then there is no doubt that canned sardines healthy for your body. If you still in doubt about why you should love to eat sardines then there are still so


many reasons for you to eat this:


1. Sardines are not bad for you


Just like we mentioned earlier, sardines are low in mercury becaause this fish is low in oceanic food chain. Mercury contamination is really lower than bigger predatory fish.


2. Sardines are sustainably fished


Sardines are abundant in stock and they are also well managed. This is why sardines are categorized as one of the 'Best Chhoices' seafood by many people.


3. The price is really affordable


If you want to have good and healthy seafood but with cheap price then pick sardines! In the market, sardines are sold in really affordable prices unlike tuna or salmon. Sadines are among the


inexpensive seafood after all.


4. They are taste like fish and very delicious!


Who said sardines are not delicious? They are sure very delicious! Moreover, sardines are taste like fish: they are oily, they are fishy but with nice smell, and they can be cooked into many tasty dishes.


5. They are simple and really easy to be consumed


Of course canned sardines roduct is giving you a simple and easy consumption anytime and anywhere. You can eat sardine while camping as delicious sandwich or if you want healthier food then you


can make a salad with sardine meat. The fresh sardines are also really simple to be prepared since their size is small.


Now, you know why you need to eat canned sardines healthy product by selecting good canned sardine brain in the market. Eat sardines are good for your healthy diet and if you really concerned with


the mercury level of most fish then you do not need to worry when eating sardines.


You can find many healthy recipes with sardines as the main or side ingredients. If you never eat sardines before then we recommend you get sardines in oils instead of water, because the oils seem to


improve the taste of the sardine fish. And most of grocery stores display canned sardines healthy product with other canned fish like tuna. You better buy them bulk to get cheaper prices, just saying.



Sardines are wonderfully flavorful and nutritious little fish. Curing them with a bit of salt overnight softens their strong flavor and makes them perfect for topping salads, putting on toast or bagels and


cream cheese, or serving as an easy, elegant appetizer.



Cured sardines can be kept, covered with oil, for up to a week. As you might guess from looking at it, this recipe is easy to double or triple as needed.




Canned sardine specification
canned sardines in tomato sauce155g*5085g2000CTNS3-5PCS
canned sardines in tomato sauce155g*5093g2000CTNS3-5PCS
canned sardines in tomato sauce425g*24235g1850CTNS3-5PCS
canned sardines in tomato sauce425g*24235g1850CTNS6-9PCS
canned sardines in tomato sauce125g*5090g3200CTNS3-5PCS
canned sardines in brine425g*24235g1850CTNS3-5PCS
canned sardines in brine155g*5093g2000CTNS3-5PCS
canned sardines in oil125g*5090g3200CTNS3-5PCS


Picture as follow:


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