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Neware Coin/Button Cell Testing, Double Range Battery Testing Instrument

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Neware Coin/Button Cell Testing, Double Range Battery Testing Instrument

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Product Details

Neware 8 Channels Coin/Button Cell Testing, Double Range, High Preicison!


Background of Neware


Founded in 1998, Neware is a Chinese leading manufacturer of high performance battery testing system. We have over 120,000 channels machine running in over 26,000 customer sites around the world. Our mission is to building the best reliable and flexible battery testing solution for batteries and other energy storage device applications with continuous efforts and innovation.


NEWARE equipment is used by researchers, manufacturers (production, quality control), and organizations needing to perform detailed evaluation of batteries and other energy storage devices.



Equipments Brief Introduction:


BTS-4000 series is based on Neware forth-generation testing system, and was introduced into the market in 2008. It provides reliable testing solutions for all kinds of battery with hundreds of models. The low current and voltage models are often applied to coincell charge and discharge test.


8 channels for each unit, and have the ability to test up to 80 coincells with a single chassis.



CT-4008-5V10mA-164 Double Range Specification:


Project IndexParameter Index
Input PowerAC 220V ±10% / 50Hz  or AC110±10% / 50Hz
Input Resistance≥10G Ω
VoltagePer Channel Control Voltage Range25mV~5V
Minimum discharge voltage0V
Accuracy± 0.05% of FS
Stability± 0.05% of FS
CurrentPer Channel Current Range

Range 1:5uA~1mA;

Range 2:1mA~10mA

Constant current cut-off current± 0.05% of FS
Stability± 0.05% of FS
PowerPer Channel Output Power0.05W
Stability± 0.1% of FS
TimeCurrent Response Time1ms
Step Time Range

≤(365*24 )hour/step,

Time Form Support 00:00:00(h,min:s,ms)

Data RecordingRecord ConditionTime△t:100ms
Record Frequency10Hz
ChargeCharge Mode

Constant Current Charge,Constant Voltage Charge,

Constant Current and Constant Voltage Charge,Constant Power Charge

End ConditonVoltage,Current,Relative Time,Capacity,-△V
DischargeDischarge ModeConstant Current Discharge,Constant Power Discharge,Constant Resistance Discharge
End ConditionVoltage,Current,Relative Time,Capacity,-△V
Pulse TestChargeConstant Current Charge,Constant Power Charge
DischargeConstant Current Discharge,Constant Power Discharge
Minimum Pulse Width500ms
Pulse Number32 diffirent pulse for a single step
Charge And Discharge Switchcontinuous switched for a single pulse step
End ConditionVoltage,Relative Time
DCIR TestSupported
CycleLoop Measure Range1~65535 times
Max Steps Per Loop254
Nested LoopNested loop Function,Max Support 3 Layers
ProtectionSoftware Protection
  • Power-down Data Protection
  • Off-line Testing Function
  • Setting Protection Condition,Setting Parameter:Low Voltage limit,Upper Voltage limit,Low Current limit,Upper Current limit,Delay Time
Voltage and Current Testing Sample4-wire connecting
DatabaseMySQL Database
A Means of Communication of Upper MachineTCP/IP Protocol
Data OutputEXCEL 2003,2010,TXT
Communication InterfaceInternet Access
Server Operating SystemWindows 7
Leak Current0.0000005mA
Per Unit Main Channels No.Per Unit Main Channels No.





Auto swift Double Range, which can guarantee the accuracy of low and high current

HPPC, Capacity, Cycle Life, Formation & Grading, Over-charge, Over-discharge

Market-proven Testing System

<=20ms Response Time to Meet Rapidly Changing Power Requirements

0.1% Full-scale Accuracy for Current & Voltage

10Hz Data Acquisition Frequency, 100Hz Optional

500ms Minimum Pulse Width

More Than 1 Million Records Can Be Processed

'And', 'or', '≥', '≤' and '=' supported;

Condition switches works with step accumulated time;

Up to 5 condition switches for each step;

Go to break supported.



Primary Applications:


Current & Voltage

Pulse Test

DCIR Testing(direct current internal resistance)

Capacity and Specific Capacity

Cycle Life

Formation & Grading

Over-charge, Over-discharge



Run the channels:


Select the channels to run, right click and select the “Single Start” , and then you can set the work steps.


During the test or at the end of the test, choose the channel menu - “Channel Data”, and you can export the data as excel file or nda file to check.


The data report can be customerized in the BTSDA data watcher to satisfy your diffirent data curve compare demand.



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