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The world's No. 1 original design massage chair for improving the sleep quality.
A study by International Brainwave Institute found that -wave is the best brainwave state for people to learn and think. With the -wave increase, body and mind become tense gradually and ready to respond to the external environment. With the -wave increase, it can help to trigger deep-seated memory, and help greatly to strengthen long-term memory. With the -wave increase, people will fall into deep sleep and unconscious state. NEOX has developed the patented technique of four -wave programs for Relax, De-Stress, Zen and Rejuvenate. Through the guide of -wave to adjust the , and -waves to improve the quality of the adverse long-term sleep, reduce stress, prevent from senile dementia and depression.
The music device The music is combined with the harmonic light waves, sound waves and vibration, guides brain to a balance state. This is an effective way to relax body and smooth the mood.
It uses SD memory device. Despite the preset music, it also could be inserted the preferred music. The light device The massage chair with -wave programs integrates with different sound frequency and seat vibration. This pattern will help to reduce stress and guide mind into calmness so that to induce sleep.
Friendly design panel and multi-function TFT colored Controller 4 AUTO massage programs (Energy, Nap, Sleep, Meditate) combine with light-wave, sound-wave and vibration.
4 light-wave programs with music and vibration are mainly aimed at Relax, De-Stress, Zen, Rejuvenate.
8 preset auto positions that can activate the better massage for satisfaction.
Considerate design available by manual setting:
Body length, speed, width, vibration, heat, music volume, light intensity, massage mode and variety massage portions. Upgradable mechanism Patented designed mechanism, just like the computer software, can be upgraded easily to the latest version. Unique Features:
Module design back mechanism with program upgradable design and easy for maintenance service.
Low voltage DC24V design with worldwide range of power voltage, available for AC100V ~ 240V 50Hz/60Hz.
Power-saving design. Patented Inversion technology with the maximum 216 recline angle.
Light waves, sound waves, vibration and music, the perfect combination of massage for relaxation, induce calmness and sleep.
The recline angle of the traditional massage chairs in the market are only reaches 170 , but NEOX takes the lead to make a breakthrough from original 190 to reach 216 as the maximum recline angle. NEOX massage chairs, not only could be adjusted the preferred chair angle, but also can do the unique 8 angles with different therapy that can help relaxing the neck portion, stimulate the blood circulation, sculpt the body shape, waist stretch, abdominal contraction and relax the spine and muscle. This is a special chair that can satisfy your requirement for massage and exercise so that to enhance the oxygen supply to the body.
Inversion 216 angle for spine health This position helps the blood flow to the brain, which carries oxygen and nutrition, return from the toe of feet to the brain so that helps to prevent from the Amnesia disease. Inversion also helps reverse the effect of aging due to gravity. It is also used in decompressing the spine.
V-Stretch, compression therapy The V-stretch position grabs the legs accurately with swing massage would relax tired legs, the blood flows down and it would help release the pressure from the leg. The V-position is also best for people who are on their feet the whole day with tired legs and feet.
shape, lumbar stretch This position helps the waist muscle to be more flexible. It also can reduce the muscle stiffness and decreases the fatigue for lower back. The lumbar stretch would arch the body and would help open the disc and release the pressure in between vertebrae especially on the lumbar region.
Zero-G Pose 1, the perfect and natural position for relaxation This is what we call the zero gravity sitting position developed by NASA originally for astronauts. The Zero-Gravity position would help eliminate the pressure on the lower back and the heart by equalizing the weight and pressure points in the body even at prolonged sitting condition.
Zero-G Pose 2, a deep relaxation shape This is an efficient position to reduce the pressure of heart and spine, also promotes the blood circulation. The legs are further elevated and backrest reclined for additional relaxation and circulation benefits.
Legs stretch Patented foot massage design with legs stretch function, it helps the legs muscle become tight and slim further to make pace light.

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Company Name: Tai Sheng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Province: Taiwan
Country: China
Address: No.205,Chung Cheng West Road,Ta Tsun Hsiang,Chang Hua Hsien,Taiwan 51500
Website: http://www.neox-fitness.com/