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Super Strong Custom Neodymium Magnets Block Shape

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Super Strong Custom Neodymium Magnets Block Shape

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Product Details

New Super Strong  Neodymium Magnet For Wholesale


General Introduction: 


1. These Sintered NdFeB magnets are particularly suitable for high volumn production of a wide variety of shape and size ranges. Precise dimensional control is achieved in both processed and usually the component does not require futher machining. 

2. Injection moulded NdFeB does not normally require coating due to high corrosion resistance, however coating is recommended for compression moulded NdFeB.

3. Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets, a sort of Rare Earth magnet material,has the high remanence, high coercive force, high Maximum energy and is easily formed into various sizes, shapes. So they have been widely used in commercially available fields.

4. It can be manufactured by sintering, compression bonding, injection molding, and extrusion. The sintered form holds the highest energy product of up to 52MGOe, while the bonded form holds a lower energy product of up to 10MGOe. Furthermore, the majority of NdFeB magnets are anisotropic and can only be magnetized in the orientation direction.

5. NdFeB Magents are prone to corrosion in humid environments, It usually needs surface treatment according to customer's requirements to protect magnet.

6. OEM and ODM are welcome.


Sintered Ndfeb Magnetic Properties

Other Physical Properties (Sintered NdFeB)

Temp.Coeff.of Br:


Temp.Coeff.of iHc:




Electrical Resistivity:


Vickers Hardness:


Flexural Strength:


Tensile Strength:


Coef. of Thermal Expansion:


Specific Heat:


Thermal conductivity:


Young's Modulus:




Poisson's Ratio:




Curie Temperature:





Common applications of rare-earth magnets include:

NdFeB Magnets are widely used in many fields, such as motors, sensors, microphones, wind turbines, wind generators, VCMs in hard disk drives, printer, switchboard, loudspeakers, magnetic separation, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, magnetic chuck, common daily use, and so on.


Our Factory Advantage:

Financial status

Good,professional accountant


More than 100 employees


Fluent English,familiar with foreign trade process,quote and reply fast


Factory price

Payment term and way

T/T or L/C

Price term


Lead time

According to customers requirement.


100,000 M/month



Small orders



Question1: What is the strength magnets of manufacturer in China?

Answered: We have accumulated abundant experience and established stable and credible business relationships with customers worldwide. With rich experience in dealing with all types of large and small orders, we have developed extensive contacts with many local and international freight organizations. Consequently, we are able to ship our goods safely and reliably to almost anywhere in the world.


Question 2: Where to buy strong magnets?

Answered: We supply hard magnets and magnetic materials from China. Our magnets include ferrite magnets, flexible magnets, NdFeB magnets, alnico magnets, SmCo magnets, rubber magnets, refrigerator fridge magnets, magnetic powder, magnetic compound tesla meters & magnetizers, and magnetic jewelry. We also supply ferrite cores, MnZn cores and NiZn cores for transformers and coils, loudspeaker magnets, motor magnets, and refrigerator gasket stripes.


For more detail info, please feel free to visit our website or inquire us at any of your convenience.


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