Digital Portable Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester With High Accuracy 0.2

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Digital Portable Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester With High Accuracy 0.2

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Categories Pressure Measuring Instruments

Product Details


Digital Portable Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester High Accuracy 0.2 


1. Product introduction

The hardness tester is the only portable high precision measurement of the rockwell hardness tester, mainly used in hardness measurement of rapid and accurate testing of large, assembled, non cutting and the inconvenient to move steel parts .

The machine adopts the principle of the rockwell measurement ,could take field and the surface rockwell hardness measurement, the machine adopts touch screen operation, the detection process is automatic.

Due to the closed loop control technology and displacement sensor technology (with the desktop hardness tester), the detection accuracy is high, the most suitable for hardness testing of large workpiece.

The machine can be divided into two parts: detection unit and control unit. connected by the data line. It is convenient carrying, easy operation, and suit for field environment.


2. Main features of products

  •  Only the detection part contacting with the bottom surface of workpiece can be measured
  •  Can only measure the part contact with the workpiece surface
  •  High attractiveness of the detection component can ensure the stability of the measurement.
  •  The control part adopts touch screen interface, which is easy to operate.
  •  Boot use, no need to install the weight, no need to install and debug
  •  Test force electric loading, close loop control, displacement sensor
  •  Can measure the scale of rockwell, the table rockwell, a total of 30 kinds of scale
  •  To automatic initial load and main load
  •  The test force automatic correct,in order to improve the accuracy of magnitude
  •  Powerful data processing
  •  The measurement data of U disk can be saved as EXCEL format, editing and processing.

3. Technical parameter

Model number


Exchange ScalesRockwell brinell vicker
Loading time0-60s
Rockwell initial loading force10kgf(98N)
Rockwell totall loading force60kgf(588.4N)100kgf(980.7N)150kgf(1471N)
Surface Rockwell initial loading force3kgf(29.4N)
Surface Rockwell totall loading force15kgf(147.1N)30kgf(294.2N)45kgf(441.3N)
Force value error≤1%
Hardness test rangeHRA:20-96,HRB:20-100,HRC:20-70,HRD:40-77,HRE:70-100,HRF:60-100 HRG:30-94,HRH:80-100,HRK:40-100,HRL:50-115,HRM:50-115,HRR:50-115



Surface rockwell measurement range



Hardness measurement accuracy0.2
operative norm

GB/T230.1 GB/T230.2 national standards ; JJG112 vertification regulation ;


Indication of Hardness ValueLCD display


4. Applicable industry and users

Can test steel, steel pipe, shaft, mold, large forgings. In the production field ,not only rapid and accurate testing the hardness of large, assembled, non cutting and moving parts of the steel, but also the hardness of boiler, pressure vessels, pressure pipe weld seam .

Can replace leeb hardness tester.

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