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Radiography Non Destructive Testing Equipment Shock Resistant NDT Flaw Detector

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Radiography Non Destructive Testing Equipment Shock Resistant NDT Flaw Detector

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Product Details

Radiography Non Destructive Testing Equipment Shock Resistant NDT Flaw Detector
Performance Special Features:
A. Controller
1. The special design of high frequency technology can avoid the interference by power spikes. Even though the voltage changes, it can still work.
2. Take the isolation technology of the low voltage and the high voltage to ensure the controller working steady.
3. Posses the reliable "time-delayed" function, suitable to operate in the open field.
4. High degree of automation with the function of trouble shooting and indication.
5. Controller adopts design of hardware with a wide operative range, having the advantage of long service and low failure rate.
6. Strictly comply with 1:1 working/resting regulation, eliminating the disoperation.
B. Generator
1. Safe and reliable generator adopts design of SF6 gaseous insulator, grounded-anode, and air fan cooling.

2. High purity and high density aluminum radiator is specially designed for our instrument, High temperature installation technology is adopted to improve 30% heat radiation.
3. The HV coils made by imported enamel wire are applied in the X-ray generator, so as to make the quality of the complete equipment improved a great deal.


Technical parameter of Directional X-ray Flaw Detector (with ceramic tube):

x-ray tube voltage130-250KV
x-ray tube current5mA
Focus spot size2.0*2.0mm
Max.Penetration A3 Steel40mm
CoolingForced Air Cooling
Radial angle40+5C
Generator external size260*260*740mm
Generator weight28kg
Input power220V±10%;AC 50Hz, capability≥2.5kVA
Operation temperature-20~+40C

Competitive Advantages
1. High voltage cables material are imported from Japan and Germany,with perfect products quality.
2. Radiator are with tensile process,heat dissipation effective will improve 30%.
3. The generator signal cables are with imported high quality cables.
4. Main component are all with large volume.
5. Our HAE X-ray flaw detector are with good anti-interference,can be suitable for all kinds of engine.
6. With the function of power-on delay exposure,can ensure operator's personal security,and more suitable for field operation.
7. The plug are copy Rigaku Nine-pin plug,can be corollary used.
Products Introduction
Portable directional X-ray Flaw Detectors (with rippled ceramic X-ray tube) include the following type: XXG-1605, XXG-2005, XXG-2505 and XXG-3005,and has the advantages of high voltage, large power, small size, high stability and long service life. So the portable directional X-ray Flaw Detector has the features of small size, light in weight, long service life and good shockproof ability.
It can be used in non destructive testing (NDT) of thin iron plate, aluminum material, rubber and so on, with which you will get images of high quality and clarity, can be widely used in shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, aviation, pressure vessels, boilers, oil pipe, chemical, defense industry and other departments for non-destructive testing,and be suitable to construction site operation and factory lab operation.
1. Automatic self-test on start-up.
2. Powerful anti-jamming protection.
3. Can be powered by DG generator.
4. Exposure parameters can be quickly and accurately set via manual button.
5. Built in delay before high voltage start to allow operators time to exit danger area.
6. High voltage setting is increased and decreased at a controlled rate to protect the machine.
7. Work/rest ratio factory set at 1: 1, maximum exposal time is 5 minutes
8. Complete protection for over kV, over mA, under mA, and over temperature sound-light alarm
9. Robust, light, easy to set up and use
10. Designed for easy maintenance and repair
11. Best service, one year warrantee, if any fault, will send the spare parts to the user by DHL in 3 days.

Working Conditions
Work Environment
Cooling:Air Forced Cooling
Working method:force1:1
(AC)Input power:185~245V

Test Condition
Inspection material:A3 steel
focal length:600mm
Time of exposure:5min
Double intensifying screen:0.02mm
Negative:TianJin III

Q1: How often does the machine need to maintance?
A1: The system don't need special maintance, if the unit hasn't been run over 24 hours, you'd better age the equipment first in order to increas its service long, then exposure in the best condition.
Q2: How much SF6 gas is contained in each tube head assembly?
A2: In normal condition, SF6 gas is about 0.45Mpa, once the device is lower than it, must fill it into the tube head.
Q3: Are all the control unit inter changEable?
A3: The same type of control is possible to inter changeable with the same type of generator.
Q4: How long is for warranty time?
A4: Warranty is one year, and lifelong maintance.
Q5: What about after-service?
A5: Once falut occurs, we will response you within 24 hours.

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