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Ningbo Longtai Hardware Co., Ltd

Ningbo Longtai Hardware Co., Ltd

About Us

Ningbo Longtai Hardware Co., Ltd originally started in 1988 as Ningbo Yinzhou Longtai Hardware&Plastic Factory, a manufacture and trader specializing in hardware, and plastic/rubber products.  But in 2012, the company was rebuilt and became Ningbo Longtai Hardware Co., Ltd.  
Today, Ningbo Longtai Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in creating semi-finished products built according to your designs and requests. Our factory is capable of building a variety of products using our own advanced equipment such as Punches, Presses, Wire-EDM machines, Lathes/CNC lathes, Drilling machines, TIG and MIG welders, Polishing machines ,and Injection molding machines.
Also definitely, we work with our reliable suppliers to create a perfected finished product and nice package for your terminal sales.
As we have grown over the years, we have also begun to manufacturing and sell normal handwork crafting tools for jewelry makers.  This includes Pliers, Cutters, Hammers/mallets, Reamers, Files, Stamps/punches, Carving tools, Beadboards, and more!
Our company excels at working closely with you to create what you need. Our team of professional engineers, manufactures, and sale associates will work with you on all phases of your design from initial research to final product in order to give you the perfect tool that you need. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and utilizing our resources and skills to give you a high quality product at an excellent price.  

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Company info

Company Name: Ningbo Longtai Hardware Co., Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.nblthardware.com/