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Antioxidation Pure Natural Plant Extracts Citrus Aurantium L Extract Hesperetin CAS 520 33 2 Improve Food Flavor

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Antioxidation Pure Natural Plant Extracts Citrus Aurantium L Extract Hesperetin CAS 520 33 2 Improve Food Flavor

Country/Region china
City & Province shenyang liaoning
Categories Plant & Animal Oil

Product Details


Antioxidation Improve Food Flavor Citrus Aurantium L. Extract Hesperetin

CAS no. 520 33 2


Product NameCitrus Aurantium Extract
Latin NameCitrus Aurantium L.
Part UsedFruit
Solvent UsedEthanol & Water
Active IngredientHesperetin
CAS no.520-33-2
Molecular Weight302.28
Molecular FormulaC16H14O6
Specification90%, 95%, 98%
Test MethodHPLC
AppearanceLight yellow powder
Packing size25kg/drum, 1kg/bag
Shelf Life3 years
Country of OriginChina
Sample Status10g free sample is available



Hesperetin is the 4'-methoxy derivative of eriodictyol, a flavanone. Hesperetin's 7-O-glycoside, hesperidin, is a naturally occurring flavanon-glycoside, the main flavonoid in lemons and sweet oranges.

Certificate of Analysis of 95% Hesperetin:

ProductCitrus Aurantium ExtractLatin NameCitrus Aurantium L.
Part UsedFruitMethodWater&Ethanol
AsssayHesperetinSpecificationMin. 95% by HPLC
OriginChinaReference no.0107
Batch no.20180626Batch Qty75kgs
MFG Date2018.06.26Expiry Date2021.06.25
  Report Date2018.06.28
Assay (on dry product)Min.95.0% HPLC95.79% HPLC
AppearancePale PowderComplies
OdorNone to slightComplies
Particle Size100% pass 80 meshComplies
Heavy Metals≤10ppmComplies
Sulphated ashes≤0.1%0.05%
Solvent Residue≤500ppm<500ppm
Microbiological Control
Total Plate Count1000cfu/gComplies
Packing25kg/drum; Total: 3 drum.
StorageKeep in cool dry place, avoid sun and heat.
Shelf Life3 years from original packing condition.



Hesperetin is a kind of natural flavonoid compounds, widely existing in the fruits of rutaceous plants. It mainlycomes fromdecomposed enzymatically hesperidinwith appearance oflight yellow or off-white powder,widely used in the food, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.

Hesperetin was listed in FEMA as the raw material of flavors and fragrances in 2007 with FEMANo. 4313 and also listed in SFDAGB2760in 2017 with No.N375.

Benefits & Functions 

Food and Flavors:1.It canenhance the sweet taste of a sweet-tasting substances, and reduce the amount of sucrose used.

2. It canimprove the unpleasant taste of food, and increase the degree of delicious.

3.It can enhance the sweet olfactory impression of sweeteners.


1. It has remarkable function of anti-inflammationand antioxidant.2.It has significant regulation and inhibition function of cardiovascular protection and reducing blood lipid.3.It can reduce toxicity damage of nervous excitability and play a role in protecting the nervous system.


1. Protect skin from environmental damages and prevent tanning and sunburn.

2. Improve microcirculation, and eliminate the related symptoms of microcirculation (such as dark circles).

3. Prevent skin aging symptoms, improve skin dull, and make skin become smooth and flexible.

4. Control the formation of sebum, and prevent skin acnes;

5.Hesperetin can be esterified with lauric acid to obtain hesperetinlaurate, which is widely used in cosmetics.

Plant Extracts in powder form
Plant SourceActive IngredientCAS No.Popular Specifications
Ampelopsis grossedentata ExtractDihydromyricetin27200-12-098%
Andrographis Paniculate ExtractAndrographolide5508-58-798%
Apple Tree Root&Bark ExtractPhloretin60-82-298%
Apple Tree Root&Bark ExtractPhloridzin60-81-150%, 98%
Astragalus ExtractAstragaloside IV84687-43-498%
Astragalus ExtractCycloastragenol84605-18-598%
Camellia Oleifera Seed ExtractSaponins94333-93-480%
Centella Asiatica ExtractAsiaticoside16830-15-210%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 95%
Centella Asiatica ExtractMadecassoside34540-22-260%, 90%
Citrus Aurantium ExtractHesperetin520-33-290%, 95%, 98%
Coleus Forskohlli ExtractForskolin66575-29-910%, 20%
Dew Grass ExtractEcdysterone5289-74-750%, 95%
Epimedium ExtractIcariins/5%, 10%, 20%
Epimedium ExtractIcariin489-32-710%, 50%, 98%
Grape Seed ExtractPACs84929-27-195%, 98%
Grape Skin ExtractResveratrol501-36-05%, 10%
Green Tea ExtractPolyphenols84650-60-230%, 50%, 90%, 95%, 98%
Green Tea ExtractEGCG989-51-598%
Honeysuckle Flower ExtractChlorogenic acid223749-79-95%, 25%
Huperzia Serrata ExtractHuperzine A10251-79-61%, 50%, 98%, 99%
Licorice Root ExtractGlabridin59870-68-740%, 90%
Magnolia Bark ExtractMagnolol+Honokiol/90%, 95%, 98%







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