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Omega 6 Borage Oil Powder Food Grade Lowering Blood Pressure In Tablets Form

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Omega 6 Borage Oil Powder Food Grade Lowering Blood Pressure In Tablets Form

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Omega 6 lower blood pressure in tablets form Borage Seed Oil Powder for tablets, drinks dietary supplement




Borage Seed Oil Powder


Source: Borage Seed Oil

Description: Borage Seed Oil CWD is a free flowing, cold water dispersible powder manufactured by the proprietary microencapsulation technology.

Nutritionally speaking, it’s no different than borage seed oil. The only difference is that one is a liquid and the other a solid.Convenient to take on the go – pack a few tablespoon in a container to use throughout the day for a snack.



Benefits of Borage Seed Oil:

Main Application for Dietary Supplement:

Ease pre-menopausal symptoms (PMS)

Lowering blood pressure

Prevent diabetes

Stimulate circulation of blood

Protect atherosclerosis

Accelerating skin health and hormone growth

Ease pain of breast

Treatment for the skin problems such as eczema, itch, etc.



Product Data of Borage Seed Oil Powder:

Data Sheet:

AppearanceWhite or off white, free-flowing powderVisual
Gamma Linolenic Acid(mg/g)85.0MinISO 12966
Peroxide Value(meq/kg)10.0Max.AOCS Cd 8-53
Loss on Drying (%)3.0Max.USP 731
Bulk Density (g/mL)0.40-0.60USP 616
Particle Size95% through 40 meshUSP 786
Lead (ppm)1.0 Max.EN ISO 17294
Arsenic (ppm)1.0 Max.EN ISO 17294
Cadmium (ppm)1.0 Max.EN ISO 17294
Mercury (ppm)0.1 Max.BS EN 13806
Total Plate Count(CFU/g)3000 Max.ISO 4833
Yeasts and Molds(CFU/g)300 Max.ISO 7954
Coliform(CFU/g)10 Max.ISO 4832
E.ColiNegativeISO 16649
SalmonellaNegativeISO 6579
Staphyloccous aureusNegativeISO 6888

Packaging: Packaged in 10kg net aluminum foil bagsunder nitrogen, two bags in each corrugated paper carton.

Storage and Handling: Store in a cool dry place, protected from light, heat and oxygen. The preferred storage temperature is below 30°C.

Shelf Life:Two years in the original package. It is recommended to use the entire contentafter opening.

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