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Surface light wave 46 inch multi touch LCD monitor, HT-LED46S for meeting room / showroom

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Surface light wave 46 inch multi touch LCD monitor, HT-LED46S for meeting room / showroom

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Surface light wave 46 inch multi touch LCD monitor, HT-LED46S for meeting room / showroom

Hitouch Surface Light Wave 46’’ Multi touch LED TV HT-LED46S is a kind of touch screen display which is widely used in multi areas including Education, multimedia, advertising, exhibition display, business etc. We combine the surface light wave multi touch screen with HD display, make the display to an interactive display.
Surface Light Wave 46’’ Multi touch LED TV Main Features:


1.3  In One
Touch screen +LED +TV 3 in one machine, with PC, it can completely replace the projector+IWB+Laptop in the meeting system/teaching system

2.High Integration, easy operation
3.Integrates perfectly with surface light wave touch screen, and digital HDTV display, you may operate on the screen with windows program, teaching, drawing, editting documents etc.
4.Multi touch operation, no need special pen, any opaque obejcts and fingers can write on the screen with windows system
5.Various application Field such as interactive education, business illustration, military
6.Multi touch technology
7.High definition, contrast, resolution

8.Rich sizes available: 42’’ 46’’ 55’’ 65’’ etc.


Hitouch Surface Light Wave 46’’ Multi touch LED TV Spec

Touch Screen



Surface Light Wave

Touch Accuracy

±1mm, over 90% in sensitive touch area,resolution

reported by USB is: 32767*32767

Response Speed


Touch Object

Finger, glove hand, or other opaque object 

Touch Points

2/4/6/10/16/32 points touch at the same time

Touch time

No limited

Scan Speed


sampling rate


Touch pressure


Min recognition objects

3mm*3mm, support super slim pen point touch

Working voltage


Average current

Less than 100mA



SDK Software Language

C/C++,C#/.Net,Flash/Flex/ AIR,Flash(AS 3.0),WPF, Java

Sleeping mode

Support (when there is no touch the touch

 screen will enter sleeping mode)

Surface durability

Hardness of glass is level 7

Operating system


Display Part

Touch Screen Size


Physical resolution

1920 (Horizontal)×1080 (Vertical)


16.77 Million Colors

Line Frequency


Field Frequency








TV System


1 Toner

Image System


Sound System

BG , DK ,I , (M/N , L , L′tion )

Channel Storage

125 Channels


Audio System

Speaker Type

Speaker built-in, external speaker available too

Max Output


Audio Properties

Balance, AVC, Surround, Fiber Mode, Equalizer








Video System


Video Input

2* Coaxial antenna terminal

2* Composite video input port

2* S Video

1* USB Port (Support multi image formats/video formats)

1* 15pins VGA

4* thru D-Sub

2* RS232


Audio Input

2* Left/Right Channel S-Video/ Composite video input port

1* Computer audio input interface

4* Left/Right Channel Ypbpr input/Composite video input port

Video Output

2* Composite video out port

2* 15-Pin VGA Port

2* Left/Right Channel CVBS Output Port

2* Coaxial Audio SODIF





Operating Tempareture: 0℃~40℃

Operating Humidity: 10%~80%

Storage Temparature: -20℃~40℃

Storage Humidity: 5%~95%

Remote Control/Menu

The remote control have option for Menu, 

Sleeping mode, Signal sources etc.


From Menu can choose English/Chinese

User Manual, Remote Control, VGA Cable, 

Power Cord, AV Cable, USB Cable, Munual CD, Pen

Installing Methods

Optional: Wall mouting (standard); desk put,

 removable stand putting

Input Voltage

AC 110-240V  60/50HZ

Product Working Power


Standby Consumption




Color of Front Panel

Black (Acrylic)

Color of Frame

Silver (Aluminum Alloy)

Competitive Advantage of Surface Light Wave 46’’ Multi touch LED TV:

1) Perfect proformance of the touch screen
Surface Light Wave 46’’ Multi touch LED TV is made with surface light wave touch screen, new touch screen technology.

SLW touch screen: The lines will never cross each other where there are multi people drawing at the same time
If use others touch screen, the lines will cross much, very bad performance
2) Wider application circumstance
Surface light wave touch screen is Anti-interference.
Others technology touch frame can not adapt to strength light environments. Surface Light Wave uses a new anti-jamming technology.It can adapt strength light environments.
3) Better Resolution.
Surface Light Wave Physical resolution is 1000*1000.reporting resolution is 32767*32767.can distinguish minor jitter.
4) More options
Surface light wave can come with differenct multi touch points up to 32 points according to difference clients' requirements, they are both performs very good on the touch response and touch speed.
Others technology multi touch can not performs well especially multi people operating the screen, there are drifts, direction disturb problem.
5) Easier after-sales
Since the SLW touch screen is made with more intensive sensors and more advanced design, the multi touch will still work even there are 10% sensors broken.
While others technology for example IR touch screen, once there is broken sensors, the touch will not work properly, even whole area can not work.

6) Good design appearance

Surface Light Wave 46’’ Multi touch screen Monitor has a good look on its apperance, the frame material is aluminium alloy with silver color, while the front panel is acrylic glass with black color, it like a big PAD, looks very nice.
7) Touch screen LED TV 3 in one

Surface Light Wave 46’’ Multi touch screen Monitor is touch screen LED TV all in one, it integrate the multi touch screen and Full HD LED display all together,it gains the cost performance of the product, and make it more steady when working.




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