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2 Layers Aluminium Base LED PCB / printed circuit board prototype

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2 Layers Aluminium Base LED PCB / printed circuit board prototype

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2 Layers Aluminium Base LED PCB / printed circuit board prototype
-PCB&PCBA Service
-UL,SGS,Rohs Certificated
-Competitive Price,High Quality
-OEM PCBA are welcome
-PCBA Leadtime:20 days



1,UL//ROHS/ISO9001:2000 Certificate
2.Fast Delivery
3.Competest price but high quality
4. Specialized in PCB manufacturing


• General Manufacturing Capability


File FormatsGerber files- preferred274-X,274-D,DPF,ODB++
Drill fileX & Y coordinates, with tool sizes included
SizeMax. finished dimensions580mm x 800mm – Single/ Double-sided
550mm x 800mm – Multilayer
Board ThicknessStandard1.6mm ±10%
Min.Single/ Double-sided:0.2mm ±0.1mm
4-layer:0.4mm ±0.1mm
6-layer:0.6mm ±0.1mm
8-Layer:1.0mm ±0.1mm
10-layer:1.0mm ±0.12mm
12-layer:1.2mm ±0.12mm
32-layer:4.0mm ±0.4mm and above
Max.6.3mm ±10%
Bow and twist< 7/1000
CopperOuter Cu weight1oz ~ 10oz
WeightInner Cu wight1/3oz ~ 6oz
Laminate Materials

FR4(High TG,halogen-free),FR5,ISOLA(FR408,370HR),TEFLON,POLYIMIDE,ROGERS(RO4003,RO4350,RO4450),

Aluminum plate (Single,Double-sided)

FR4 Thickness1.6mm
High TG FR4 (170 deg C)1.6mm
Board CuttingMax. number of layers32
Min. thickness for inner layers (Cu thickness are excluded)0.07mm
DrillingMin. size0.1mm
Max. size6.0mm 
Drill Deviation±0.002” (0.050mm)
PTH hole tolerance±0.003” (0.075mm)
NPTH hole tolerance±0.002” (0.050mm)
Angle of Countersink80°,90°,100°,120°
PlatingMin. hole size0.0008” 
Aspect ratio20
EtchingTrace width tolerance±20%
Min. trace width / space (1oz finished Cu weight starting from 1/3oz)0.003”/ 0.003”(0.08mm)
Min. trace width / space  (1oz finished Cu weight starting from 1/2oz)0.004”/ 0.004”(0.1mm)
Min. trace width / space (2oz finished Cu weight)0.005”/ 0.005”(0.127mm)
Min. trace width / space  (3oz finished Cu weight)0.008”/ 0.008”(0.2mm)
Min. trace width / space (4oz finished Cu weight)0.012”/ 0.012” (0.3mm)
Inner LayersMin. space from drilling to inner pattern0.1mm
Min. space from annular ring to inner pattern0.1mm
Layer-to-layer registration±0.003”(0.08mm)
Solder MaskColorgreen,light green,matte green,white,extreme white,black,matte black,dark brown,yellow,red,blue,transparent
Min. solder mask clearance0.003”
Min. trace width0.005”
Min. size0.028” / 0.028”
Electrical TestAOI Y
Flying Probe TesterY
Controlled ImpedanceTolerance±10%
Impedance testerTektronix TDS8200
RoutingEnd Mills Test±0.15mm(0.006”)
CNC Tolerance±0.15mm(0.006”)
V-Cut Depth±0.1mm(0.004”)
V-cut angle deviation±0.1mm(0.004”)
Surface FinishHASL,HASL pb free,immersion gold,immersion silver,immersion tin,O.S.P (Entek),S/G plating,ENEPIG,G/F plating,carbon…
Blind and Buried Vias3+N+3Y
Resin,hole-filling ink,PTHY
OthersUL Cert.Y
ISO Cert.ISO9001/ISO14001/RoHS




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