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Movotek GSM Printer (GPRS & USSD & SMS) for Prepaid Electricity System (Electricity Token)

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Movotek Innovations Limited

Movotek GSM Printer (GPRS & USSD & SMS) for Prepaid Electricity System (Electricity Token)

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Product Details

Movotek GSM Printer (GPRS & USSD & SMS) for Prepaid Electricity System (Electricity Token)



Movotek GSM Printer (GPRS & USSD & SMS) for Prepaid Voucher Distribution and Utility Payments



1) POS Terminal Supply

2) Electronic Voucher Distribution System (Airtime Top-up, Utility Bill Payment etc.) Supply
3) Turn-Key Solution Supply

4) Software Customization Supply

5) Software Development Kit (SDK - C Programming Language) Supply



Product Description


Movotek SMS Printer/POS Terminal/Vending Machine with 57mm-58mm Thermal Printer MIL300 for prepaid airtime top up, prepaid Electricity, electronic voucher distribution, e-top up, e-voucher. This POS Terminal MIL300 is designated as the low cost all-in-one POS model, which is our hot selling POS Terminal model, POS Terminal MIL300 is the ideal model for the customers who would like to carry out multiple business in just one POS Terminal. It can be integrated with the Movotek Distribution System (MDS) seamlessly. Please take a sneak peek at MIL300 communicating with Movotek Distribution System (MDS)www.youtube.com/watch?v=-40viaX9lqA








Warning: All the information on this page is orginately created by Movotek team and it is copyrighted, please treat our intellectual property with respect and do not copy or distribute it without Movotek's prior consent. Thank you very mcuh!


MIL300 SMS Printer (POS Terminal) can be applied for three major application scenarios via its SMS and USSD features.



1) Scenario 1

User sends out the SMS via cell phone and computer (SMS Modem) to the Mobile Operator's SMS Server, then the SMS Server forwards the SMS to the receiver (MIL300 SMS Printer). The SMS Printer MIL300 can then print the SMS automatically or manually. 





2) Scenario 2

The MIL300 SMS Printer can be integrated with the USSD Server directly. This USSD Server may be hosted by the local Mobile Operator or other service provider. The SMS Printer can dial the specific USSD short code to connect with the USSD Server, the USSD Server respond with the relevant message to the SMS Printer, SMS Printer will display the message from the server. After USSD session, the SMS Printer may receive an SMS from the USSD Server. The SMS Printer will finally print the SMS on the receipt with tailored format/layout.





3) Scenario 3

The MIL300 SMS Printer can be integrated with the USSD Server while the USSD Server is integrated with other third party service provider such as Bank for Mobile Money, Electricity Company for Prepaid Electricity etc. By integrating with third party systems, the USSD Server can reflect a wide variety of services/products to the SMS Printer for retailers/merchants.










Movotek Innovations Limited is not only the POS Terminal Supplier, but also the turn-key solution provider. 10 years + experience in Telecommunication field enable it to provide the customers the tailored solution including the Backend sysytem (Movotek Distribution System - MDS) and the POS Terminal seamless integration. We are good at offering the following solutions:




Mobile Top-up, Electronic Voucher Distribution, Prepaid Airtime, PIN Voucher Distribution


- Utility (Electricity, Water, Gas, Internet, TV) Bill Payments


- Mobile Money Transfer Printer with GPRS, SMS and USSD features.


– Lotto Game (6/49, 6/36, 6/26, 5/90, etc…)
– Digit Game (Chance, 3-Digit, 4-Digit, etc…)
– Instant Game, Online Bingo
– Totalizator, Sports Betting
– Sweepstakes, Raffle
– Keno, VLT




Besides, Movotek's engineering team is able to deliver POS Terminal for other soutions, such as eWallet - Mobile Payment (GPRS, SMS, USSD etc.),  Lotto and Loyalty Programs.





Company Information

1. 10 Years in Business
2. R&D and Manufacturing Sectors in Foshan and Guangzhou, China
3. Started with Call Center System Development for Mobile Carriers, Insurance and Banks since 2004
4. Specialized in Enterprise SMS System, ERP & EAM Consultation and Implementation, Mobile Value-added Service Management System, etc.
5. Officially Launched the Movotek Distribution System (MDS) for Electronic Payments upon 10 Years Experience in the Field.

For more information, please visit our website: movotek.com






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