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Industry Electric Pneumatic Actuator Long Life Compound Bearings CE ISO

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Industry Electric Pneumatic Actuator Long Life Compound Bearings CE ISO

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High Pressure Pneumatic Air Actuator , Air Torque Spring Loaded Double Acting Actuator​


Each different type of Actuator is capable of a specific application:



Round Line Actuator:
The round line actuator is a non-repairable cylinder that is durable and economically efficient. These types of actuators are available in a variety of bore sizes, mount styles, and overall design options. External guiding may be necessary if the high side or moment loads are present in the application.


NFPA Actuator:

The NFPA actuator has a tie rod cylinder that is both durable and repairable. These actuators are available in a Varity of bore designs and stroke lengths. It also comes in many different options.


Compact Actuator:
Compact actuators have flat cylinders that are great in limited space. These actuators are available in round, non-rotating, and square shapes. These models also come in dual-power of three-position models.


Pneumatic actuator working principle


1, double acting actuator
A port intake, B port exhaust, push the two pistons separately to the two B port intake, A port exhaust, push the two pistons close to the center
While moving, the output shaft turns the valve counterclockwise to open the heart, and the output shaft rotates the valve clockwise to close.


2, single acting actuator
A port intake, B port exhaust, push the two pistons separately to the two exhaust or power loss, the spring pushes the two pistons close to the center
While moving, compress the spring at the same time, the output shaft moves counterclockwise, and the output shaft rotates the valve clockwise to close.
Turn to the direction. Valve open



Standard technical parameters




NUMUR standard indicator, easy to install valve accessories such as limit switch, positioner.


Output shaft

Plating nickel alloy steel, high precision one-piece output shaft in accordance with NAMUR, with ISO5211

DIN3337 standard.



ASTM6005 die-casting aluminum alloy cylinder, with hard anodized


End caps

Die-casting aluminum powder spraying a variety of colors



Double piston rack, adopts hard anodized aluminum or cast steel galvanized processing, symmetric mounting position, fast operation, long service life, simple upside down the piston can change the direction of rotation.


Travel adjustment

Two independent stroke adjustment screws can be easily and precisely adjustable of ?5 ?open and closed position.



High performance springs using high quality materials, coating treatment, pre-loading assembly.


Simply remove

the single-acting actuator, by changing spring quantity to meet different torque output range.



Bearings, guide: Using low friction, long-life compound material, to avoid the direct contact between metals, repair and replacement are easy and convenient.




Normal temperature using nitrile butadiene rubber. High or low temperatures using fluorine rubber or silicone rubber



Double acting, single acting



Available accessories: Reversing solenoid valve, Limit switch/ position monitoring switch, positioner, hand wheel device.




 When performing large-scale inspections of actuators, it is necessary to completely discharge the remaining pressure in the pipeline.
When the actuator is in operation, do not step into the transmission or place your hand in the transmission.
To prevent an electric shock, do not touch the wire connection (exposed live body) on the actuator with the solenoid valve or switch.
Be sure to test in the event of a power outage. Also, do not touch these charged bodies with wet hands.


Pneumatic valve accessories


Annex 1 Reversing solenoid valve
The electronic control operation for "turning on" or "off" the pneumatic valve acts as a switching air source. The solenoid valve complies with the NAMUR connection standard and can be divided into a mounted type and a separate type. The double-acting pneumatic actuator is equipped with a two-position five-way solenoid valve, and the single-acting two-position three-way solenoid valve can be manually operated. The structure is simple, compact and has a long life. The solenoid valve coil voltage has AC220V or DC24V low power consumption, and the explosion-proof encapsulation Ex m II BT4 and the explosion-proof Ex d II BT4 are optional. The company's solenoid valve is directly mounted on the actuator in a plate type.

Working principle Electromagnetic valve junction box wiring diagram




Annex 2 Limit switch (also known as echo)
The limit switch box feeds back the pneumatic valve position signal to the control room, directly mounted on the top of the pneumatic actuator, in accordance with VDI/VDE3845, built-in mechanical switch or magnetic induction proximity switch, and optional explosion-proof.
Built-in 2 mechanical switches 2-SPDT wiring diagram
Rating: 16A 1/2HP 125/250V AC 0.6A 125V DC 0.3A 250V DC



Annex 3 Air filter pressure reducing valve
Including air pressure reducing valve, filter, oil mister.

Function: gas source is stable, clean, and lubricates moving parts



Annex 4 Electrical Positioner
The electric positioner is one of the important accessories of the pneumatic regulating valve. It accepts 4-20mA control valve opening degree, and is divided into mechanical type and intelligent electronic type.


Mechanical positioner wiring diagram



Common faults and handling



StageFault DescriptionFault CauseRemedy
I/P checkI/P air pressure output does not changeGas source failureCheck if the air supply valve is open
   Check if the pipeline is blocked
  Control signal failurCheck if the signal line is disconnected
   Control signal line "+" "-" is reversed
  I/P damagereplacement
Adjustment valveThe regulating valve will not move or the action will not be in placeNo air sourceCheck if the air supply valve is open
  Gas circuit connection is incorrectCheck the correctness of the gas circuit connection
  Gas circuit blockageCheck and ventilate the circuit
  Give wayCheck for leaks and fix
  Adjustment valve stuckContact the aircraft to solve
  Regulating valve and accessory connection is not strongCheck the connection of the regulating valve and accessories, it should be fixed firmly, no looseness
  I/P failureCheck I/P
  Solenoid valve is not powered or de-energizedCheck solenoid valve power
  Valve not in automatic positionSwitch to automatic position
  DCS has a mandatory signalContact run processing
  Some valves must be reset to the local after losing gas.Local reset
 Position transmitter current output is not allowedNot securely connected to the regulating valveCheck the connection, it should be fixed firmly, no looseness
  Zero position, range has changedRe-zeroing, measuring the whole
  Position transmitter is damagedPotentiometer is bad
 Travel switch does not workIncorrect installationre-install
  Loose travel switchreadjust
  Travel switch damagereplace
 Regulating valve moves in the opposite directionLocator direction adjustment errorreadjust








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