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bein sport QHDTV/iview/iudtv IPTV 1 Year with 900+ channels Arabic French UK Germany Italy and VOD Channels included

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bein sport QHDTV/iview/iudtv IPTV 1 Year with 900+ channels Arabic French UK Germany Italy and VOD Channels included

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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               Whatsapp: +86-15773218262


                  Skype: shirleyyang2535787



QHDTV IPTV 1 Year with 900+ channels Arabic Africa French UK Germany Italy Box office and VOD Channels included

Product Description

QHDTV Subscription with 900+ Channels

Channels including: TUNISIA , ALGERIA, MAROCCO, NILESAT(Arabic), News Sport, Islamic, Music, Kids, BeInSport, CANAL, SAT(French), TSR, SWISS, OSN, SKY DE, SKY UK , SKY IT, Africa, My-HD Digital SpainFr , Box Office, BoxOffice US, Box Office Russian Channels

Support: Android box, Android phone, Mag25X, Kodi, Smart TV m3u, Enigma2, ios



1.Pls email us for channels list and apk file.

2.You would get the account once payment made.





QHDTV IPTV Work on Android Device

the New APK with Epg function
open the QHDTV and input the code . enjoy it . notice .the APK will Updated frequently.please download the latest APk and keep the new function .


QHDTV IPTV Work on Mag25x Box

Settings—System settings—Severs—Portals—type “mag.qhdtv.biz/portal/c/” into Portal 1 URL—then click Reboot portal—then click Reboot device—After Rebooting device you will enjoy it.


Notice : you need contact your seller .and provide the Mac addres(which on the back of your mag 25X) . after seller active it on the system .you will get it work


But there is still no channel showing. Why?

When you see the channel list is empty, please press button “1” , then press button “ok” on your remote control.
then “off and on” again, you can see all the channels.

Please contact us to activate the MAC address.


QHDTV IPTV Work on Smart TV

1.when you get the code from us, Please go http://siptv.eu/mylist/
2.Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update
3.Input your mac address,and the urls like http://qhdtv.siptv-list.com/siptv.m3u?code=yourcode. Click upload then you will success.


QHDTV IPTV Work on Enigma 2

1.Download Plugin.

2.Upload it to /tmp file which in your box VI DCC software.

3.Go Telnet Run : install -force-overwrite /tmp/qhdtv-openpli-mipsel_1.0_all.ipk.

4.Open QHDTV - enter your code, activate to watch.


QHDTV APPS Work on Apple Device

Paste this url in browser and visit

Then install apps and contact us for login code to watch TV Programs.



Below are our QHDTV channels screenshots for your reference.





Notice:Channel list will be updated frequently, each one can not be noticed.
It shall prevail according to the actual channel list.
Our company own the final explanation right.

Update on 2016.12.15

NOChannel NameLanguage NOChannel NameLanguage
1National 1Tunisia 613France 24Araic News
2National 1 +4Tunisia 614France 24 FRAraic News
3National 2Tunisia 615France 24 ENAraic News
4National 2 +4Tunisia 616Al Masdar TVAraic News
5Al Hiwar EttounsiTunisia 617Russia Al YaoumAraic News
6Al Hiwar Ettounsi +4Tunisia 618AL ArabiyaAraic News
7Attasia TVTunisia 619Al Araby TVAraic News
8Attasia TV +4Tunisia 620Euro NewsAraic News
9Nessma TVTunisia 621Orient NewsAraic News
10Nessma TV +4Tunisia 622AljazeeraAraic News
11Hannibal TVTunisia 623Sky News ArabiaAraic News
12Hannibal TV +4Tunisia 624CNBC ArabiaAraic News
13First tvTunisia 625Al ManarAraic News
14Telvza TVTunisia 626Aljazeera MoubasherAraic News
15Maghreb 24Tunisia 627JSC EnglishAraic News
16Al JanoubiaTunisia 628DW-TVAraic News
17M TunisiaTunisia 629Al Ekhbarya essouriaAraic News
18TNNTunisia 630Al Shahed TvAraic News
19TounesnaTunisia 631Al Arabya HadathAraic News
20Al MustakillaTunisia 632Al Alam TVAraic News
21Zaytouna TVTunisia 633AlaanAraic News
22Zaytouna HedayaTunisia 634ANNAraic News
23Insen TVTunisia 635BBC World ArabicAraic News
24TT 1Tunisia 636Nile newsAraic News
25Jawhara FMTunisia 637Al Sharquia NewsAraic News
26Mosaique FMTunisia 638Iraqiya NewsAraic News
27Samira TVAlgeria 639Saoudi EkhbaryaAraic News
28Chourouk TVAlgeria 640Gear OneArabic Sports
29Chourouk TV +4Algeria 641Nile SportArabic Sports
30Chourouk NewsAlgeria 642Kuwait SportArabic Sports
31El Bilad TVAlgeria 643Jordan SportArabic Sports
32Chourouk BennaAlgeria 644Al KaasArabic Sports
33Ennahar AlgerieAlgeria 645Al Kaas 2Arabic Sports
34Ennahar Algerie +4Algeria 646Yas SportsArabic Sports
35Annahar LakiAlgeria 647Ahly ChannelArabic Sports
36Programme NationalAlgeria 648Nahar SportArabic Sports
37Programme Nat. +4Algeria 649Dubai Sport 1Arabic Sports
38Canal ALGERIE 1Algeria 650Dubai Racing 2Arabic Sports
39Canal ALGERIE 1 +4Algeria 651Dubai Sport 4Arabic Sports
40KBCAlgeria 652Saudie SportArabic Sports
41Canal 3Algeria 653Al Iraqya SportArabic Sports
42Canal 3 +4Algeria 654Al Rahmaislamic
43Dzaier NewsAlgeria 655Meccaislamic
44Dzaier TVAlgeria 656Saudi 1islamic
45TV Tamazight AlgerAlgeria 657Saudi 2islamic
46Beur TVAlgeria 658Saudi Hajislamic
47Haddef AlgerieAlgeria 659Saudi Familyislamic
48Al Jazairya TVAlgeria 660Saudie Quranislamic
49Al MagharibiaAlgeria 661Saudie Sunnahislamic
50Al Magharibia 2Algeria 662Iqraislamic
51Berbere MusicAlgeria 663Iqraa Khaierislamic
52Berbere TVAlgeria 664Bin Outhaimin Tvislamic
53Berbere jeunesseAlgeria 665Time Quran TVislamic
54Numidia TVAlgeria 666Al Azhari TVislamic
55Al Fajr TVAlgeria 667Resalat Al Islemislamic
56Bahia TvAlgeria 668Ressalaislamic
57Canal AtlasMorocco 669Menhag Ennoubouaislamic
58Al Oula LaayounMorocco 670Alanis TVislamic
59Oula Maroc HDMorocco 671Quran TVislamic
60Oula Maroc HD +4Morocco 672Saudi Eqtisadiaislamic
61Oula Maroc HD TNTMorocco 673Al Qudsislamic
622M MarocMorocco 674CORAN TVislamic
632M Maroc +4Morocco 675Ahl El Coranislamic
64Medi1Morocco 676AghaninaArabic Music
65Medi1 +4Morocco 677AghaniiArabic Music
66ArrabiaaMorocco 678Music HaneenArabic Music
67ArriadhiaMorocco 679FM TVArabic Music
68Arriadhia TNTMorocco 680FunoonArabic Music
69AssadissaMorocco 681Free TvArabic Music
70Assabiaa TNTMorocco 682MazzikaArabic Music
71Al MaghribiaMorocco 683Zina TVArabic Music
72Tamazight MarocMorocco 684Rotana KhaligiaArabic Music
73BZAF TVMorocco 685Majed Kids TVArabic Kids
74MBC 1Nilesat arabic 686Baynouna TVArabic Kids
75MBC 1 +4Nilesat arabic 687Toyour BabyArabic Kids
76MBC 2Nilesat arabic 688Toyour Al JannahArabic Kids
77MBC 3Nilesat arabic 689JeemArabic Kids
78MBC 4Nilesat arabic 690BaraemArabic Kids
79MBC 4 +4Nilesat arabic 691SpaceToonArabic Kids
80MBC ActionNilesat arabic 692Cartoon Network ArabArabic Kids
81MBC BollywoodNilesat arabic 693Mickey ChannelArabic Kids
82MBC DramaNilesat arabic 694Koky KidsArabic Kids
83MBC MAXNilesat arabic 695Mody KidsArabic Kids
84MBC MasrNilesat arabic 696Kidzania TVArabic Kids
85MBC Masr +4Nilesat arabic 697Semsem TVArabic Kids
86MBC Masr 2Nilesat arabic 698KarameeshArabic Kids
87Rotana CinemaNilesat arabic 699TahaArabic Kids
88Rotana MasriaNilesat arabic 700Bein Movie 1Beins
89Rotana ClassicNilesat arabic 701Bein Movie 2Beins
90Rotana MusicNilesat arabic 702Bein Movie 3Beins
91Rotana ClipNilesat arabic 703Bein Movie 4Beins
92CBCNilesat arabic 704B JuniorBeins
93CBC +4Nilesat arabic 705Bein SportBeins
94CBC 2Nilesat arabic 706Bein Sports NewsBeins
95CBC SofraNilesat arabic 707BeInSport 1 HDBeins
96CBC EXTRANilesat arabic 708BeInSport 2 HDBeins
97CBC EXTRA +4Nilesat arabic 709BeInSport 3 HDBeins
98CBC DramaNilesat arabic 710BeInSport 4 HDBeins
99MTV LebanonNilesat arabic 711BeInSport 5 HDBeins
100MTV Lebanon +4Nilesat arabic 712BeInSport 6 HDBeins
101Future TVNilesat arabic 713BeInSport 7 HDBeins
102Lebanon TVNilesat arabic 714BeInSport 8 HDBeins
103LBCNilesat arabic 715BeInSport 9 HDBeins
104LBC +4Nilesat arabic 716BeInSport 10 HDBeins
105LDC LebanonNilesat arabic 717BeInSport 11 HDBeins
106Al MayadeenNilesat arabic 718BeInSport 12 HDBeins
107Al Jadeed TVNilesat arabic 719BeInSport 13 HDBeins
108NBNNilesat arabic 720BeInSport 14 HDBeins
109Nile TVNilesat arabic 721BeInSport 15 HDBeins
110Nile CinemaNilesat arabic 722BeInSport 16 HDBeins
111Nile DramaNilesat arabic 723BeInSport 17 HDBeins
112Nile CultureNilesat arabic 724MBC Plus DramaArabic Premium
113Nile ComedyNilesat arabic 725MBC 1 HDArabic Premium
114Nile FamilyNilesat arabic 726MBC 2 HDArabic Premium
115Nile LifeNilesat arabic 727MBC 3 HDArabic Premium
116Hayat MousalsaletNilesat arabic 728MBC 4 HDArabic Premium
117Dream 2Nilesat arabic 729MBC VarietyArabic Premium
118FatafeatNilesat arabic 730MBC Action HDArabic Premium
119Al HayatNilesat arabic 731MBC Max HDArabic Premium
120Al Hayat 2Nilesat arabic 732MBC Drama HDArabic Premium
121Time ComedyNilesat arabic 733LBC HDArabic Premium
122Zee AlwenNilesat arabic 734FX HDArabic Premium
123Zee AflemNilesat arabic 735Fox Movies ActionArabic Premium
124Cairo CinemaNilesat arabic 736Fox Movies FamilyArabic Premium
125Cairo DramaNilesat arabic 737ART Aflem 1Arabic Premium
126CimaaNilesat arabic 738ART Aflem 2Arabic Premium
127I-filmNilesat arabic 739ART CinemaArabic Premium
128Athania MasrNilesat arabic 740ART HekayatArabic Premium
129Syria DramaNilesat arabic 741ART Hekayat 2Arabic Premium
130Syria SatNilesat arabic 742OSN Yahala HDArabic Premium
131Jordan TvNilesat arabic 743Rotana Cinema HDArabic Premium
132Annahar TVNilesat arabic 744Rotana Masria HDArabic Premium
133Nahar NourNilesat arabic 745Rotana Aflam HDArabic Premium
134Nahar 2Nilesat arabic 746Rotana Classic HDArabic Premium
135Nahar DramaNilesat arabic 747Rotana Music HDArabic Premium
136Nahar CinemaNilesat arabic 748Rotana Khalijia HDArabic Premium
137Nahar Al YaoumNilesat arabic 749Al Resala HDArabic Premium
138Bahrain TvNilesat arabic 750OSN ON DEMAND 1Arabic Premium
139Bahrain QuranNilesat arabic 751OSN ON DEMAND 2Arabic Premium
140Bahrain Sport 1Nilesat arabic 752OSN ON DEMAND 3Arabic Premium
141Bahrain Sport 2Nilesat arabic 753OSN ON DEMAND 4Arabic Premium
142Bahrain Int.Nilesat arabic 754Fix and FoxiArabic Premium
143Oman TvNilesat arabic 755

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