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H.264 SD Card 4 Channel Mobile HD DVR 3G GPS PAL / NTSC TV System Durable

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H.264 SD Card 4 Channel Mobile HD DVR 3G GPS PAL / NTSC TV System Durable

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H.264 SD Card 4 Channel Mobile HD DVR 3G GPS PAL / NTSC TV System



Highlights for VM-1504-HD Series: 


1. Cost effective: With low price to enjoy hig definition experience; 

2. Compatibility: Compatible with both common analogue cameras and analogue high definition cameras; 

3. Compact Size: 112(W) x36(H) x138(D) mm, Weight: 360g

4. Dual SD cards supported:  Maximum supports two SD cards 128GB each.


Q: the device normally reports information to the IVMS while video cannot be displayed after a period of time?

A: Firstly, check if the device information displays dial-up. If yes, the traffic for the SIM card may be used up. Please replace with a new one for test; secondly, check if the device number is tampered. If yes, your vehicle information shall be reported again to the server; thirdly, if card replacement cannot still solve this problem, check if the device 3G module is faulty.

Q: The device is powered on while the IVMS client displays no vehicle information and video

A: Firstly, check the central registration server is powered on and online and then check if the device number is used, thereby causing conflict; secondly, check if the IP and port number are set correctly for the server center; Check if the device reports information to the central server via built-in 3G module or WiFi. If the built-in 3G is used, check if the right type is selected; for example, WCDMA and EVDO corresponds to related SIM cards. Check if the antenna is properly contacted, if data access point and center number are correctly set. If it still does not work, please collect information as much as possible and submit it to technical support for analysis to facilitate troubleshooting.



Mobile HD DVR VM-1504-HD Specification :


Video CompressionH.264
OSDOverlays information such as date time and vehicle ID
GUIGraphical User InterfaceSetup system parameters with the remote control.
Video Record SystemVideo Input4CH 720P AHD input,aviation connector, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
 Video Output1 CVBS, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω,Aviation,Support 1CH Full Screen,4CH Screen
 PreviewSupport 1 channel and 4 channels preview.,Support Manual/Alarm Trigger full screen preview
 Resolution720P/D1/HD1/CIF, MAX:4 channels of 720P and 4 channels of D1
 Video Quality1-4 levels, 1 is the highest level.
 Video Standard

PAL: 100f/s , CCIR625 line,50field;

NTSC: 120f/s, CCIR525 line,60field;

CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;

HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;

D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;

720P: 4Mbps-6Mbps, multi level video quality optional

 Record ModeThe default setting is auto recording after power on. Timed recording, alarm trigger recording and manual recording are supported.
AudioAudio Input4CH ,Aviation Plug
 Audio Output1CH,Aviation Plug
 CompressionG.726 compression, 8KB/s speed







Q:When Device issue appear,you are confused on how to solve it.
 A:Check Device Item No & Firmware Version,sent back to us with detail description of issue.Our

    Technical Team will handle it.More detail you described,easier for us to solve it quickly

Q: When SD card and HDD records, How is the record coverage?
A: SD card and HDD will record circularly for each other. When they are full, they will delete the

     original video records respectively.

Q: Can’t playback files on PC successfully?
A: Possible reason is as follows:

   1.Have never chosen a record file or document path; please choose the path that records file first

       before playback.

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