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Seagulls Olivon Olive Oil

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Seagulls Olivon Olive Oil

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Seagulls Olivon Olive Oil

History & Introduction of Olive Oil

For more than four thousandyears, the olive tree has been a symbol ofabundance, peace, and longevity. Gifted by agoddess, revered by ancient cultures, and protectedby emperors, the olive tree and its precious fruithave played important roles in civilization. Oliveoil's mystical glow has been a magical ingredient inreligious and spiritual rituals and a therapeuticresource to cure ailments and diseases. It was usedto anoint kings (often poured directly on theirheads), and it became a "monarch" itself when itbecame known as the king of all oils.

In ancient Greece, athletesritualistically smeared it all over their bodiesbefore engaging in physical exercise, and winnerswere crowned with olive branch wreaths. In Rome,gladiators oiled their bodies as they prepared forcompetition.

The ancient Egyptians, who alsoused olive oil for cosmetics and medicine, believedthe olive tree to be a gift from the gods that wouldbestow beauty, power, and love to its users.Celebrated physician and Father of MedicineHippocrates recommended the use of olive oil forcuring ulcers, cholera, and muscular pain.

Olive Oil has been called LiquidGold due to its various therapeutic uses and evergrowing benefits for maintaining fitness, health andbeauty.

Olive Oil is used to soften theskin in eczema and psoriasis, and in massage, andused to prevent stretch marks; therefore, it isemployed in the preparation of soaps, ointments, andliniments.

Some Uses of Seagulls Olivon

Babies Oil Bath

Seagulls Olivon isnatural, safe and free from any harmful chemicals(unlike other paraffin based baby oils) and ispopularly used for baby massage all over India.Regular massage keeps babies active, strong andhealthy.

Diaper Rash

Gently wipe your babies’ bottomwith Seagulls Olivon to help reduceirritation of diaper rash.


By simply adding a few drops ofSeagulls Olivon in your bath water youcan soften skin and maintain its suppleness,minimize effects of ageing. It gives an envioushealthy radiance to your skin.

Massage For Young & Old

Having a regular massage helps toimprove blood circulation. Checks stiffness ofjoints and you are active and healthy. SeagullsOlivonis suited for Indian climate andcan be used safely in all seasons. It is totallyfree of chemicals and is 100% natural and has Noadded artificial fragrances or flavours which makesit safe to use for all skin types.


To soften your dry and chappedlips - apply Seagulls Olivon directly onaffected area with your finger.


Apply Seagulls Olivonliberally on the hair daily and make your hairmanageable. Nourishes and strengthens the hair.Checks hair fall & also prevents dandruff andflaking leaving a clean invigorating scalp. To helpthickening of your hair soak them in small cup ofwarm Seagulls Olivon and wrap them with a towel for30 minutes.


Simply rub Seagulls Olivonon your hands and elbows and they are protected evenin the harshest of winters.


Simply rub Seagulls Olivonon your dry feet and then put on a pair of cottonsocks and leave them on overnight.

Face - For Removing Make Up

To remove make up, simply dabSeagulls Olivon over the area and wipewith a damp cloth.

In Winter

Seagulls Olivon actsas a moisturising agent during dry wintry months. Itprotects the skin from important oil loss, retainingthe oil balance to give you a healthy soft skin evenduring the most testing winters.

Many Many More Uses…
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