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DG 46-50 single-suction boiler water feed pump 30~132 kw Motor power

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DG 46-50 single-suction boiler water feed pump 30~132 kw Motor power

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DG 46-50 single-suction boiler water feed pump 30~132 kw Motor power





  • DG type horizontal single-suction multi-stage segmental vertical centrifugal pump, the chemical and physical properties for conveying water or similar Yu Qingshui liquid, suitable for the medium and low-pressure boiler or high-pressure boiler feed water, can also be applied to plant, the city of high-pressure water supply and drainage.
  • The medium temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, inlet allowed pressure is less than 0.6 Mpa.
  • This series of pumps are adopted country it is recommended to use the hydraulic model of high efficiency and energy saving products.
  • With high efficiency, wide range of performance, safety and smooth running, low noise, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, etc.




  • DG type pump inlet and outlet are vertical, by tightening bolts will pump water period, the middle, water, pump shell parts such as bearing body connected into a whole.Choose according to pump lift pump series.
  • This series of pump rotor parts is mainly composed of and installed on the shaft of the impeller, shaft sleeve, the balance disc parts, such as the quantity according to the series of the pump impeller.Shaft parts with the flat key and shaft nut fastening and shaft etc.
  • The rotor consists of rolling bearings on both ends or sliding bearing.Bearing according to the different models, are not under axial force, and the axial force by the balancing disc.Allows the rotor in the operation of the pump in the pump shell axial float, cannot adopt the centripetal bearing.
  • Rolling bearings with grease lubrication, sliding bearing with thin oil lubrication, and the self-lubricating oil ring, circulating water cooling.
  • Pump inlet section, middle/water sealing surface adopt molybdenum disulfide grease seal, between rotor part and fixed part is equipped with seal, guide vane, etc when the seal ring and the degree of wear of guide vane set had influence on the performance of the pump work shall be replaced.
  • Shaft seal form has two kinds of mechanical seals and packing seal.
  • Pump using packing seal, the location of the packing ring placed to the right, the tightness of packing must be appropriate, with liquid can drip seeps advisable.
  • Loading pump seal element in a sealed box, box through a certain pressure of water, the water seal, the action of water or water lubrication.
  • In the shaft seal is equipped with replaceable shaft sleeve, the protection of pump shaft.
  • Time high-pressure pump generally adopts sliding bearing, thin oil lubrication structure, DG85-67, DG155-67 type pump can adopt sliding bearing, thin oil lubrication also can use rolling bearing, the structure of the centralized grease lubrication, the rest of the model adopts rolling bearing, dry lubrication structure.
  • Of the major parts material and low-pressure pump generally USES the high quality cast iron, high-pressure pump main parts adopt cast steel or stainless steel.
  • This series of pump through the flexible coupling, driven by a prime mover directly from the direction of the prime mover, the pump is clockwise.

Model Significance

Such as DG 46-50×12

DG -  Sectional centrifugal pump boiler
46 - the design flow rate
50 - Single-stage head
12 - series for level 6





                                                                DG 46-50×12 Performance Parameter 


LevelFlow QHeadSpeedηshaft powerMotor ImpellerPumpMoter
(m)(r/min) (kw)(m)D(kg)(kg)
m³/hL/s    power(kw)Type (mm)  


2  1112950 16.7830Y180M-2 208262.7240
  100 19.88 
  92 21.52 
3  166.5 25.1937Y200L2-2 281.5260
  150 29.83 
  138 32.28 
4  222 33.5945Y225M-2 300.3325
  200 39.77 
  184 43.04 
5  277.5 41.9855Y250M-2 319.2395
  250 49.71 
  230 53.8 
6  333 50.3875Y280S-2 338500
  276 64.56 
7  388.5 58.7890Y280M-2 356.8550
  322 75.32 
8  444 67.290Y280M-2 375.7550
  368 86.08 
9  499.5 75.56110Y315S-2 394.5875
  450 89.48 
  414 96.84 
10  555 83.97132Y315M-2 412.3950
  500 99.42 
  460 107.6 
11  610.5 92.37132Y315M-2 432.2950
  550 109.36 
  506 118.36 
12  666 100.8132Y315M-2 451950
  600 119.28-160(Y315L-2) -1070
  552 129.12    


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