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CaF2 90% Calcium Fluoride Powder Dry For Fiberglass Industry

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CaF2 90% Calcium Fluoride Powder Dry For Fiberglass Industry

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CaF2 90% Calcium Fluoride Powder Dry  For Fiberglass Industry




CaF2: 90%min

CaCO3: 5.0%max

SiO2: 4.0%max

H2O: 1.0%max

Size : 200mesh,90%passing

       300mesh, 70~80%passing




Fluorspar Synonyms: calcium fluoride, fluorspar, CaF2, fluorspar powder, fluorite, fluorine, acid grade fluorspar,acid grade fluorite,metallurgical fluorspar, CAS#7789-75-5


Chemical Formula: CaF2

Fluorite or Fluorspar is a mineral composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2), the principal fluorine-bearing mineral. It occurs as cubic, isometric crystals and cleavable masses. When pure, it is colorless and transparent, or translucent with a glassy luster. Impurities cause color in the stone, and several varieties exhibit fluorescence. Usually found either in pure veins or associated with lead, silver, or zinc ores, it is common in limestone and dolomites.Under CaF2-97%, that fluorite powder usually from refine the tungsten ore tailings , fine powder , colour should be grey , offwhite , yellowish brown.




Fluorspar usually in Chemical industry,Ceramic industry,Fiberglass industry,Welding rod industry

And steel industry.

Ceramic grade fluorite (85–95% CaF2) is used in the manufacture of opalescent glass, enamels and cooking utensils. The highest grade, "acid grade fluorite" (97% or more CaF2), accounts for about 95% of fluorite consumption in the US where it is used to make hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid by reacting the fluorite with sulfuric acid.

Internationally, acid-grade fluorite is also used in the production of AlF3 and cryolite (Na3AlF6), which are the main fluorine compounds used in aluminium smelting. Alumina is dissolved in a bath that consists primarily of molten Na3AlF6, AlF3, and fluorits to allow electrolytic recovery of aluminium. Fluorine losses are replaced entirely by the addition of AlF3, the majority of which will react with excess sodium from the alumina to form Na3AlF6


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