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Continuously Type Sea Food Microwave Thawing System

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Continuously Type Sea Food Microwave Thawing System

Country/Region china
City & Province jinan shandong
Categories Air Conditioners

Product Details


Continuously Type Sea Food Microwave Thawing System Microwave Frozen Seafood Microwave Thawing Machine



Machine NameMicrowave Thawing Machine
Rated Input power supplyThree Phase,Five lines 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave Output Power40kW Power can be adjusted
Microwave Frequency915±25MHZ
Height of Feeding280mm
Width of Conveyer Belt600mm
Conveyor Speed0.5~3.5m/min ( speed can be adjusted)
Operating EnvironmentRelative humidity ≤80%
Operating Temperature5~40℃
Water supplyClean water, PH 6.5-8.5 water flow is 10L/min
Relative humidity≤80%
SurroundingWithout corrosive gas, conductive dust and gas explosion
Wooden CasesExport standard fumigation wooden cases


Product Description
Continuously Type Sea Food Microwave Thawing System adopt world advanced technology used to dry paper by microwave. Microwave dryer use automatic temperature control system, automatic microwave density control system, heating time control system, automatic alarm system,optional PLC control system,water cooling system to ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous work.



Applicable for

Can defrost pork, chicken, beef, various seafood, processed meat and other frozen food


We have high power magnetron, microwave generator, microwave cavity simulation, microwave feeder, microwave suppression and leakage prevention, system integration, application process and other technologies have obvious advantages. We apply adaptive automatic tuning system to maximum the microwave working efficiency.


Industrial Microwave thawing is a kind of new development of defrost product method. It utilizes high power density of 915 MHZ microwave penetration features to fast thaw the frozen material as well as ensure uniformly thawing result both inside and surface temperature which could quickly rise temperature from -20℃ (68℉)~ 18℃(64.4℉)to - 2℃(35.6℉)~0℃(32℉)only need 2 to 4 minutes. The thawing process would not alter the nutritional composition, color than the basic appearance with the continuous production, meanwhile, it significantly reduces the breeding of harmful bacteria as one of the advanced thawing solutions. The thaw products are including beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, pork, fish and all kinds of pet food meat and other products.


Advantages of Industrial Microwave Thawing Machine

● High thawing speed: Microwave thawing is simultaneous heating inside and outside, no heat conduction process is required, quick thawing and high production efficiency.

● Uniform thawing: Through the wave-transfer technology, the thawing is uniform, and there will be no external heat and internal cooling phenomenon.

● No loss of nutrition: The microwave can maintain the taste, protein, amino acid, vitamins and other nutrients of the thawed material without damage the thermal effect, and simultaneous sterilization.

●Less volume of drip: Microwave thawing has no blood flow, no pollution, and maintain the original color. The meat loss rate is less than 1%.

●High reliability: It is suitable for continuous production through the circulator protection system, and the magnetron has a long service life.

●Safety and hygiene: Microwave thawing is carried out in a closed chamber of stainless steel, the oven and conveyor belt can be safely washed without hydrolysis and freezing.


China Industrial Microwave Thawing Machine History


Before 2002, typically, adopting the manual microwave power supply with tunnel conveyor structure microwave as well as traditional“bowl”microwave feeding way defrost products result in unevenly thawing result. It’s gradually ditched out.

After 2002, combining the auto microwave power with belt conveyor structure microwave with power meter defrost frozen products. Microwave is fed into the cavity through cracked slim or serpentine waveguide. The technology of microwave energy feeding is improved, and the thawing is relatively uniform. However, it is prone to high temperature point and maturation point, but the operation is relatively convenient. Most of companies use the thawing solution at the moment.


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