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Aluminium Alloy Tube Glass Card Slot For 5mm Glass Pane And Acrylic Board PP In White P-2000-A

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Aluminium Alloy Tube Glass Card Slot For 5mm Glass Pane And Acrylic Board PP In White P-2000-A

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Chairs & Recliners

Product Details

GLASS Card Slot For 5mm Glass Pane And Acrylic Board PP In White P-2000-A

Quick Detail:

Weight0.17 kg/m
MaterialPP in White
UsageConnect Glass Pane And Acrylic Board
Length standard:2000mm/bar 
ApplicationWorkbench, production line, logistic rack, warehouse rack.




Plastic is a synthetic or natural polymers as main ingredients, in a certain temperature and pressure conditions, can be with molding into a certain shape, after the external force to lift, at room temperature can still keep its shape under the same material.


P-2000-A GLASS Card Slot is made of PP in White ,with beautiful surface ,can be fixed in the aluminum pipe to assembly with 5mm Glass pane or 5mm Acrylic board ,or any other 5mm boards or glass ,



1. Flexible,environmental

Aluminium alloy production is designed for the workbench, trolley workstation .they are used to provide the optimal adaptability for factory .It has a unique combination of structure and can be simple and fast assembly and transformation, with the fastest to adapt to frequent production site and the layout of the sudden change.
This kind of lightweight aluminum structure, through fine alumina processing, can keep good appearance in the workplace.In addition, aluminum is a kind of excellent recycling and recycled materials.You can choose flexible pipes and even the parts for assembly, in order to meet the demand of all kinds of customers.
2. Environmentally Human
Green framework supports a variety of plant efficiency by reducing the assembly time.And use frame structures, the workbench and shelves, and steps are very simple.Live a simple bolt can tighten loose fitting, for easy assembly and disassembly.
All frame and fittings are made of aluminum, light weight
Aluminum frame and fittings by light quality, density is only a third of the steel, all can build lightweight series, the aluminum frame, and the trolley, good mobility, can reduce the employee's workload.
3. Environmentally friendly ,recycled
Aluminum is a highly recyclable materials, it is easy to handle.
All connecting parts are aluminum materials.In addition, the bolt in the organization's products, also can be recycled.Series products are widely used, joints and components can be flexible combination, Therefore, They can make the workbench, rack, trolley, stents, partition, clean tent to add new functionality.After completion of assembly, and other components can connect them, so the products can be unplanned.
4. Beautiful surface
Suppression of aluminum after dealing with the surface oxidation, corrosion resistance, can keep the factory clean.The aluminum surface is not easy to scratch, surface smooth.

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