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High Efficiency Electric Marking Machine Computerized Batch Code Tubec

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High Efficiency Electric Marking Machine Computerized Batch Code Tubec

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Product Details

High Efficiency Marking Computerized Batch Code Tube Electric Dot Pin Number Marking



Working Principle
The contents of the input to computer English character and graphics printing, computer marking software convert the content of digital control signal transmitted to the controller, drive and print on the workpiece play consisting of a continuous lattice character and graphics; the needle in the X Y two dimensional plane trajectory according to the set, and print needle in the under electromagnetic field on the surface of the work piece to print out the concave marks composed of dense lattice.

Application Range
Suitable for printing on a variety of products on the label trademark, technical parameters, number, date, name and other content, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal plate, PVC plastic, stickers, leather and other special signs, print traces of concave, features font norms, orderly, accurate, beautiful appearance, formal, grade elegant. The whole sign has no deformation and is good for installation. The handwriting is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and the handwriting is durable and reliable.
                             rotary marking machine

Add a line of characters but not display does not print
Check whether the font library for the line character is empty font
Check whether the mark position of the line character is superbound.


Product Features

The most outstanding feature of electromagnetic engraving signs printer is that it only needs electric drive without gas source, and the electromagnetic cutting method instead of pneumatic high frequency micro impact dot matrix printing can greatly reduce the printing noise when working.

Marking area:140X80mm(or customized)
Marking speed:3-5 characters / second (2X2)
Software application system:Touch screen
Marking depth:0.01-1.2mm Adjustable (depending on the material)
Accuracy Assurance: ≤ 0.01
Height adjustment Range:330mm
Automatic storage:can automatically store files and print content, 3L / S
analog display:you can directly observe the marking on the screen
Print pin impact frequency:300 beats / second
Marking content:Chinese and English characters, numbers, graphics (By marking software editing) Graphic
Editing:Serial number (serial number) Automatic printing, storage, weight automatic detection, can identify the bar code
Marking material:all kinds of metal (HRC85 hardness below), all kinds of hard materials Plastic bakelite, etc.)
Working voltage:110VAC / 220VAC
Delviery time:3-15 working days
Type of shipping:Express,air or sea
Terms of payment:T/T,credit card,western union
package size:45X54X90cm
Gross weight:70KG
Warranty time:one year

Service Content
More peace of mind:
Free shipping, free installation and commissioning, free operation and maintenance personnel training.


The display can't be displayed normally. What should I do
1. First check whether the display power is connected, or whether the display power switch is open
2. Check the color or state of the display lamp.
1) if it is the normal color, please check whether the signal of the display is connected well.
2), if the color is pale, please check whether the hard disk is connected, the memory is plugged in, the interface board is plugged in, and re plug
3), if the display a black screen, the battery discharge motherboard
3, the replacement of display.

Design Features
The advantage is that the mark can be deep and shallow, whether it is graphic, text, product sequence number, trademark and so on. After marking, it becomes permanent mark.

USB interface transmission, plug and play, subverts the history that the old product must use the parallel port.

Factory Introduction

Chongqing Chuke Intelligent Machinery &Equipment Co.,Ltd
was founded in 2006. It is a manufacturer specializing in providing marking scheme, marking equipment and its accessories. It is currently the largest mainstream supplier of marking industry in China. The company takes "let the world do not have a bid problem" as the core goal, and hopes that through the efforts of all purple Xu people, all customers will have the most suitable marking scheme. Lay a solid foundation for the brand of customers!

The quality of the company is the soul of our enterprise. 10 years of insistence, let us have an excellent reputation in the industry. Attentively service makes customers more reliable to us. Professional design, considerate after sale, let our products are sold to the four seas, won the domestic and foreign customers unanimous praise! We firmly believe that through the joint efforts of Zi Xu people, we will enable all enterprises to have their own identification system, and successfully create the anti-counterfeiting and traceability system of enterprises.


Packing And Shipping

Packing by corrugated board boxes, Light weight, freight is lower,packing size:54*45*90cm.


After-Sales Service

Free training for The solution for common failures.
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