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Expressway Guardrail Forming Machine For Road Beams

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Expressway Guardrail Forming Machine For Road Beams

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Expressway Guardrail forming machine For Road Construction


MTC MACHINERY:Highway Guardrail forming Machine,Crash Barrier Forming Machine,Guardrail Forming Machine


Introduction of Guardrail Roll Forming Machine,Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine,Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, Expressway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine:


This guard rail roll forming machine is comprised of mechanic decoiler, guiding and feeding equipment, leveling device, pre-punching hydraulic device, roll forming unit, post hydraulic mould cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC control system and unloading rack.


We can supply the machine producing two-wave guardrail and three-wave guardrail

Production processing Decoiling---flatting---feeding & punching---forming---cutting-to-length---collecting Equipment struction introduction. This production line may produce the cable tray, the different sizes through the replacement of punching moulds to complete. Forming machine is combined and adjustable, one set of combined rollers complete all cable tray products, the change size through adjust distance of rollers to complete.

Technical parameter:

1. Matching material: Feed width: 480mm,Q235 galvanized steel strip 
2. Material thickness: 2-4mm 
3. Main motor power for forming: 22kw 
4. Forming speed: 10-12m/min 
5. Hydraulic station power: 11 kw 
6. Roll forming stations: About 17 
7. Hydraulic pressure: 20 mpa 
8. Controlling system: PLC 
9. Total weight: About 25 Ton

Additional information: 
Material of forming rollers: GCr15 bearing steel with quenched treatment


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